A snapshot

17 Jun

Dear Turtle,

Ever since you came into my life time has whizzed by and I’m finding myself forgetting the little things. Things that mesmerized me. Poof! Gone. So here’s a snapshot of you, aged 23months. I love everything about you, but these are the things that melt my heart right now.

  • “Play-ning with me Mammy. Come on. Play-ning time.” And you take my finger and pull me with you. You’re very strong. Inevitably we end up playing trains. And really you don’t want me to play “with” you, you want me to sit beside you while you play rather imaginative games. Trains have full conversations, crash, fall down, get into trouble and toot away for ages. Until my bum gets sore and I try to get up. “No. No. No Mammy. Play-ning time.”
  • “Time” gets put on the end of a lot of activities. Is this something I do? I’m not sure, but I suspect so. There’s “play-ning time”, “eating time”, “sleeping time”, “colour-ning time”, “snack time”, “bath time”, “(tooth) brushing time” on and on and on. You know your mind and tell me all about it.
  • “Mammy” – you don’t overuse it, and I love to hear it. I know that one of these days I’m going to be “Mommy” so I’m cherishing this chance I have to be “Mammy”.
  • You sing about everything. Your favourite song is “Thomas the Tank n-Engine, roll-ning along, do, do, do,do”, but you also sing about random things you see (Granny says I used to do this too) and you put me and Daddy into your songs too. Sometimes a “song” is just that “Mammy and Daddy and Turtle….”
  • You’re trying to figure out your place in the world. You know your surname and you add it to the names of the people you love, seeming to claim them as yours. And “Mammy Turtle” is me and you, different people; “Turtle Mammy” is me and you together, one person (?), inseparable.
  • “Sorry”. You say sorry to everything. You bump into a table? “Sorry table. Turtle sorry.” You also use it as “Excuse me”, so if people are in your way “Sorry people, sorry”. You hurt yourself, “Sorry Turtle, sorry.” It’s so cute. It either makes us look like the best parents in the world – “Such a polite little boy” – or the worst – “That poor boy is afraid to do anything, always saying sorry, the poor fella”. I’m not sure. I still think it’s cute though.
  • “Hug time”. You love hugs. “Family hugs” is also an order that is often issued. Family hugs are cool.

You know your mind and are a loving little soul. I know that things will change as you grow. Try not to change too much.

I love you.



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