A day without TV

26 Jun

I’ve been pressuring myself to go TV-less with the Turtle, just for a day and I can’t seem to manage it. I mean, I managed just fine when the TV wasn’t connected and just wasn’t an option. I’m not sure what we did on those days, but we managed just fine. Now though, I feel the need to “do things”. To plan activities and whatnot.

On Monday there was an early start, a couple of hours pootling around and cooking breakfast “together” – scrambled eggs, the Turtle helped by eating the butter and touching the cooker (the cool part) and saying “Hot!”. Then we went to the park, on the way to the shop. Well that was the plan, but there was a nappy disaster and we had to turn back. Out the door again and the Turtle fell asleep. I took the opportunity to go to the craft store (2 miles away), the dollar store and the used book store. All of that took over two hours. The Turtle slept until I got to the used book store, where I got so discombobulated that I bought a book I had just read. We stopped at the park on the way home, by which time I thought I was going to collapse. Home again for lunch. Then we did some painting. And play dough for about 3 minutes because the little sod insists on eating it. He’ll say “Don’t eat the playdough”, eat it and laugh. Then there were puzzles. Followed by the paddling pool. I got a bit over excited because it was the first time it had been warm enough for it since we got here. almost an hour of that and it’s getting cool again. But it’s not even 3:30. And I’m ready to fall down, having wasted naptime wandering around town. Sesame Street time.

Tuesday, we cook breakfast together. Then play trains. After nap time and lunch, we played “treasure hunt” – I had buried some of those fancy, shiny stones that people use for decoration (?) in the sandbox. Then himself demanded the paddling pool out again and seeing as it was warm enough, who am I to say no? It got cool again though so I had to bribe him with promises of TV…

Wednesday I begin to wonder about myself. Why is this so important anyway? What am I trying to achieve? No idea. But I carry on regardless, baking banana bread and making mac and cheese (from scratch!) with the Turtle’s “help”. Who knew you could make banana bread in under 10 minutes? I thought that it would take longer. Especially with all of the cleaning I had envisioned, but it turns out that (almost) 2 year olds are as neat, if not neater than, me.

Thursday I gave up. A half an hour of TV here or there isn’t going to put him up or down, is it?

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