6 Jul

The hubby brought the Turtle to a fast food play place yesterday. Apparently there was a little girl there, about three years old and she belted the poor Turtle – they were up in a tunnel where the hubby couldn’t intervene. She hit him on the head repeatedly. He bawled. The hubby rescued him and made it better. When the Turtle ventured back on the equipment he went back into the tunnel and hit it and said “Bold! Hurt Turtle!”.

He told me the whole story when he got home: “Boy hurt Turtle. Bumping the head. Turtle crying.” – all children are boys at the moment.

He has told me the story 7 or 8 times since. Including twice today. He has the memory of an elephant. I think I shall have to suggest that the hubby bring him back again, to efface the bad memory. It’s funny, he doesn’t tell stories about all of the good things that happen.

I hate the idea of this story rolling around his little head.He’s not even 2 years old yet.


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