The first curse…

23 Jul

I have a pile of “Your baby’s first …” books. All sitting empty. Doing nothing, except making me feel guilty about not having filled them in. And forgetting the pertinent details. But this one, the first curse, sure that couldn’t go unrecorded. That’s an important one. But there’s no section in any of the books…

So yesterday, I heard “Poo in the potty Mammy, quick, quick”. I rushed over, whipped off the pull up and plopped him n the pot. There was a little pellet of poop in the pull up, so I praised him up and down for telling me in time. “You’re a great boy” etc etc. He interrupted me mid flow. “No Mammy” he said “There’s a big sh*te there”, pointing to what could only be described as “a big sh*te” that I had stepped in.

Ah, the glamour of being a mother.

A mother who, it would seem, has inadvertently taught her son “a bad word”. Because he said “sh*te” the way his Irish mother would say it, not “sh*t” the way his American father would say it. Ahem.

I’m taking heart in the fact that it wasn’t an expletive. Just “a bad word”.



One Response to “The first curse…”

  1. Janine July 23, 2010 at 11:26 pm #

    Oh dear! I live in fear of little man picking up a bad word. My language can be colourful, especially in the heat of the moment.

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