So tiiiired

26 Jul

I have a few posts in my head about the crafting we have been doing and food and sewing and randomness. But I’m just so tired. So I’ll have a bit of a moan instead. The Hubby is working nights now you see. Intermingled with days. Theoretically he should have 4 days off after every 4 day stretch of work. Theoretically. He finished work at 6am this morning and has today and tomorrow off, and will be back at work at 5am on Wednesday morning. This means we will have a maximum of 11 hours together awake on his two days off. 24 hours or so in 12 days. I worked it out. I probably shouldn’t have.

The Turtle is confused, crying for Daddy what seems like all of the time, but obviously can’t be. Can it? His nights are unsettled and I can’t sleep properly because there’s no one here to answer his calls if I don’t. This is best demonstrated by the events of the other night. I heard him call me, and took a bit longer than I obviously should have in getting up (the Hubby has longer legs and gets there faster). In the extra minute or so it took me to get up, the Turtle managed to get out of bed and try to open the door to his room. Instead, he locked himself in there. Locked himself in there. At 1 o’clock in the morning. When the two of us are the only ones in the house. And no key for the door exists. And the hubby can’t bring his phone to work, because it’s a vault. And I don’t know the number for the watch. Panic, panic, panic. After ten of the longest minutes of my life, trying to kick down the door (who was I kidding?), listening to him cry and cry, shouting for Mammy, the Turtle managed to unlock the door again. My heart. We spent the rest of the night in my bed. I was waiting for my heartbeat to slow down, he was out like a light.

The handle has been removed from the door.

So with exciting nights like that and days of what is essentially drudgery it’s taking all of my energy just to be.

I thought that the Hubby did shag all around the house. I may have been wrong.

The trouble is, once we get used to things, the schedule changes.

It could be worse, he could be deployed. Then he wouldn’t be here at all. But he’s here (and awake) so little that it’s a bit of a tease.

It will get better, won’t it?

2 Responses to “So tiiiired”

  1. isadori July 26, 2010 at 1:04 pm #

    My DH often works nights too so I totally understand how hard it is to relax and sleep when you’re the only one in charge. It’s also quite weird when DH is in the house but asleep – I can get a bit irritated that he’s not helping out but the poor guy deserves a proper ‘night’ of sleep!

    Anyway, I hope it does get better for you. It helps once you’re used to it. I tend to go out in the mornings that DH is sleeping – helps the time pass quicker. xx

    • turtleturtleturtle July 29, 2010 at 1:14 pm #

      I think it will get easier as time goes on. Doesn’t stop me feeling sorry for myself.
      Maybe if we make friends, somehow…

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