A dragon and a spider

28 Jul

A trip to the Home Depot. $20 on bedding plants. An hour of digging in the muck. And order has been restored. Mostly. Til next time.

So we’ve been taking advantage of the prevailing good humour by crafting.

Or plotting it, which takes at least twice as long as the actual event.

A two year old’s attention span combined with bad planning can sometimes lead to a non event. I always forget something. Always.

Anyway, there has been a recent obsession with a particular episode of Thomas in this house, Thomas and the Dragon. It feels like it’s always on. It’s not, it just feels as though it is. So I decided we should make a dragon. It’s a Chinese dragon (Sodor is, apparently, a culturally diverse place). So I got a packet of randomness from Walmart – pom poms, pipe cleaners and googly eyes in spectacularly garish colours. We had paper plates and glue in the cupboard, and an egg carton. So we were off.

What I forgot was that a small boy doesn’t have the patience to wait for glue to dry. And that my one likes to taste everything. At least twice. If not three times. So much licking was done of the glue covered pom poms. Hrmmmm. Then there was the impatience as we waited for the glue to dry.

So we made a spider. And only involved the glue for the sticking down of the eyes. I cut holes in the paper plate and we threaded the pipe cleaners through for the legs. Then the Turtle decorated it with Spiderman stickers. I mean what could be more appropriate? And for educational value, we sang “Itsy bitsy Spider”.

A whale of a time was had by all.Especially these two:

They are now hanging on the window, warding off burglars.

In the spirit of honesty, he actually had the most fun trying to make hats for his trains out of the bits of egg box. He spent ages at that. If not for that and the stickers, the whole thing would have been a bust.

“Not for me” he says, “I still would have gotten to eat glue and fuzzy things. Thanks Mammy”


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