Making and doing

30 Jul

There has been some making and doing going on. Not much since the Hubby started doing nights, but some. I just can’t get my a*se off of the couch when I come down after putting the Turtle to bed. One solution would be not to come down (the sewing room! is upstairs). But if I don’t come down there’ll be bits of cheese and pasta and whatnot all over the table and the floor. Dishes will be piled up. And the kitchen will be smelly. Smellier.

Then I wonder what to make. The thought of making something for myself is overwhelming. Acres of fabric. Patterns. Blah. And the Turtle has enough clothes for ten kids. I could change him 3 times a day and not do any laundry for two weeks and still not panic (much) about what to put on him.

So I need to get my thinking hat on. And stop being overwhelmed by the thought of cutting up my little stash of fabric.

In the meantime, here is what I have been at. A little show and tell, if you will.


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