A taste of Summer

11 Aug

We accidentally bought a watermelon that wasn’t seedless (seedfull? or just a watermelon?) Apparently eating watermelon seeds will make one grow in your belly and make your stomach explode 😉 Or something. I’m not sure. As my mother would say “It’s far from watermelon you were raised.” So I’m not sure of the myths relating to watermelons and their seeds. But the Hubby said the Turtle shouldn’t be eating them. He went so far as to pick them out, individually. I don’t have the patience for that. But I do listen to him. Sometimes. Ahem. But I still had a good few pounds of watermelon left. And a sieve! So, the Turtle and I squished a big pile of watermelon through the sieve and decanted it into some lollipop moulds, And voila! A taste of Summer! And the Turtle gets to eat “lollipops” without sugar or E numbers or any other nasties!

He had one for breakfast the other day, which I think might have been taking things too far. But yum nonetheless!


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