Busy, busy, busy

16 Sep

Today is Thursday, and we have been to three play dates this week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Monday we went to the beach. A kindly Mom took pity on us and picked us up because it’s miles away. And we had a great time. We saw dolphins (or porpoises) and, best of all, a train! The Turtle could not be kept out of the water. He got soaked. As did I, the fool wearing jeans to the beach. The water was freezing. Absolutely perishing. And I couldn’t get him out of the water. He was wandering around in his nappy (which had a pound of sand in it) and his jacket, like an orphan. There was sand crusted on to his face, because he lay face down in it and ate a mouthful. Like a savage. A savage having fun! (who would not eat the food I had brought, organised, for once). We came home and he slept for FOUR hours. Conked. I was able to have lunch and shower and knit and nap (we were up at 4am that morning. 4am).  And thankfully dinner was in the crockpot, bubbling away, because a small boy who eats sand for lunch is very hungry when dinner time rolls around!

Tuesday was a church playgroup. I would guess that it’s not everyday you find a lapsed Irish Catholic kicking their legs up and singing about Brother Abraham and his many sons. But the Turtle loves it. And it’s free. And they provide lunch. And he falls asleep on the walk home (always a bonus)! So while he was napping, I got to clean up, with the Hubby’s (supervised) assistance because…

Wednesday, I hosted a play date. I don’t know what I was thinking. Well, I was thinking the Hubby could go to the library and study for the test he has today and not worry/feel guilty/wonder about what we were doing. I was thinking it might be fun. And I was thinking I wouldn’t have to worry about going anywhere. All true, as it turns out. But I did worry about whether the house was clean enough (and the collection of dead bugs and spiderwebs I amassed during my cleaning spree leads me to believe it wasn’t), and what to feed them (having a slight inkling that there might be a vegetarian in the pack), and whether the Turtle would have a meltdown, seeing people play with his toys. He didn’t, in fact he didn’t care a jot. He was just happy to have the “kids” over. We had spaghetti (a la Jamie Oliver) with a jar of pesto available for the vegetarians (I tried! A bit. I don’t know any vegetarian recipes that kids will eat! Ahem). And watermelon for “dessert”.

9 kids and 5 adults, not counting myself and the Turtle. Man. It was hectic. But I’ll probably do it again. Someday. When the memories have faded. After that I wanted to lie down. But instead the Turtle family hopped in the car and went to the nearest Dutch village (how random is that?) in search of a fabled, perhaps mythical 99cents a yard fabric store. 99cents! And it’s not mythical. It’s just closed Monday to Thursday. So we’re going back on Friday. Hurrah! and we managed to stumble onto a Farmers Market. Where we bought some rather expensive peaches, strawberries, blue berries, blackberries and raspberries. The strawberries had a short life, demolished in the park we went to on the way home. The other berries probably would have went the same way, had the Hubby gotten them out of the car! The strawberries were so good though. So good. That’s the end of supermarket strawberries for us.

I’m just going to see if there are any left….

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