Free the piggies!

14 Oct

Leaving the in-law madness aside for the moment (5 days left, so there may be more). This guy

is the new bane of my life! And this is the reason why:

I’m not sure if we’ve been watching the same episode of Sesame Street over and over or what, but every time I turn around this song seems to be on. And it really is quite catchy. So I find myself singing it at random intervals throughout the day. The problem is that the Turtle has taken its “message” to heart. Any attempts to put on shoes are met with “Piggies free Mammy! Piggies free!” And when it’s put that way how can you resist? But if you think the looks you get when you have a tantrumming toddler are bad, you should try walking around with a barefoot one. Even husbands are likely to look at you as if you’re mental, especially if you say “But it’s piggies free time. Don’t blame me, blame that Bob Marley-looking fella on Sesame Street” (I didn’t know his name, you see). Even husbands give up though when they realise how fast a barefooted toddler determined not to wear shoes can be (like lightning, I tell you, lightning!)

Free the piggies! Free the piggies! (Somewhere safe and warm…)

2 Responses to “Free the piggies!”

  1. isadori October 14, 2010 at 8:18 am #


    BTW, I hope the ILs don’t drive you too insane – however entertaining the resulting posts might be for me 😉

  2. Carol Ann Hoel October 14, 2010 at 9:16 am #

    I would want to take issue with this guy, too. Piggies in the grass may not be safe. I wouldn’t have minded if he’d shown all those bare piggies on a carpet inside. Okay. Some will think I’m a prude. But pierced piggies hurt.

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