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It sounded easy…

5 Oct

There has been talk of making your own wrapping paper zooming around the t’internet. It sounds simple enough. You have the beloved fruit of your loins and budding Picasso (obviously) slobber about with paint. They produce wonderful and and foot print masterpieces. The hand prints can then be embellished with stickers and whatnot to make Christmas trees. The feet? Well a marker and an imagination turn them into Rudolph. And voila. Eco conscious wrapping paper. To be treasured by grandparents the world over.

Sounds easy.

And I had a mound of packing paper from the very last of the boxes in the garage, finally unpacked in a flutter of activity inspired by the in-laws’ impending visit.

So we gave it a go.

The only actual “print” we got was on the garage floor. You can’t wrap anything with that. And the landlord might object to me filling it out with markers. Or glitter.

It didn’t come out as planned. The Turtle had the cheek to keep asking for colours not in the scheme. And he kept dancing. And demanding brushes and whatnot. And laughing.

So we have no wrapping paper. But laughter? Laughter is the thing.


4 Oct

It would seem Autumn is here. It caught me unaware. There was a heatwave last week. And I’m not used to seasons, what with having just moved from Florida. Plus I’m not entirely sure Autumn is here. But we went to a local farm yesterday and they had the pumpkins out. So it must be Autumn. Or Fall. Whichever. See:

I’m not sure that the leaves will change colour, or even that the weather will get colder but we will be having squash soup and perhaps some interesting squash bread and muffins.

Yummy Autumn!

(Out of interest, do you think Autumn begins August 1st or September 21st? In Ireland the equinox/solstice marks the middle of the season, here it seems to mark the beginning. It’s odd when seasons are shifted all around the calendar. Downright odd.)

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