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30 Nov

My name is Turtle’s Mammy and I am a huffalump. Honestly, I am. I would have thought I was merely fat until I checked my BMI 😮 It would seem I have about 40lbs (3 & 1/2 stone) to lose before I get to the “overweight” category. And so I am resolved to eat less and exercise more. I have to. I thought I ate fairly healthily, but it would seem I have a rather unhealthy addiction to cheese. I also don’t drink any liquids that aren’t coffee or tea. And wholegrains are startlingly absent. I know this because I signed up for Weight Watchers online last week. (The thought of the meetings freak me out a bit, and what with the Hubby’s schedule I wouldn’t be able to attend every week anyway.) So I have been meticulously tracking my food intake and thinking about things before I eat them (although some bits and pieces seem to make their way to my mouth unbeknownst to me). And I’m not doing too badly. Even with my new penchant for wine (well, we are near the Santa Ynez valley!), I  lost 4lbs in the first week.  Whoop!! A small step, but a step nonetheless.

Another resolution? To exercise more. Not that I was doing much before. Chasing a toddler, but that was about it. So I have started the couch to 5k programme. Just. I’m 2/3 of the way through the first week. But I am determined. By February I may well be running 5k regularly. Eek! I tried running before but I didn’t know what I was doing. And running with someone who is a foot taller than you and runs regularly can be a bit demoralising. (You should see the Hubby run! He lifts his knees almost as high as my shoulders. I’m lucky I can lift mine off the ground!) The Hubby did come with me the first time, but I went by myself yesterday. I have to be able to motivate myself to go, otherwise I’ll get nowhere.

And I must get somewhere. I must get at least 40lbs away from where I am now.

Wish me luck!

Giving it my all…

24 Nov

Thanksgiving is the only actual holiday we’ll be spending together this year, so I’m throwing my all at it. Well, you know, all that an Irish woman who has experienced Thanksgiving once before can. And don’t tell the Hubby, but the last one wasn’t that hot. I have a thing about styrofoam plates you see. Especially the ones with the little prison partitions on them. What’s the point in spending hours and hours on cooking a meal and then serving them up like that? With plastic cutlery? And no, there weren’t 50 people, there were 6. Bleurgh.

This year there will be plates and knives and forks and enough food for 50 people. Turkey, ham, dressing (that’s Southern for stuffing, I think!), butternut squash gratin (instead of candied sweet potatoes, which I can’t even think about), lemony green beans and cranberry sauce (which I should perhaps have made a start on today, seeing as I have never made it before!! I’m only making it because  the Hubby et al like to get a can of it, plop it out and slice it with the can marks still on it and it turnsmy stomach). There’ll be deviled eggs (a necessity, apparently), and a pumpkin pie too (which I hope turns out ok because all the recipes had canned pumpkins in them and I had to use up my turban one, so we’ll see).

We’ll eat until we feel sick. Then fall asleep in front of the tv.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



23 Nov

Well, pseudo-camping. We didn’t put up a tent, we had a tent cabin. So when we irresponsibly arrived at the campgrounds at 7pm we didn’t have to fiddle faddle around with poles and pegs and bits and bobs. It gets pitch black dark at 4:30pm here now, so perhaps we weren’t that irresponsible. More feather-headed. We forgot the food. And had to go back. The Turtle got fed up in the car. We had to stop at a park. We needed propane. We had to go to the shop. Again. A three hour journey took about 6. But we got there.

Someone (Me!) had the bright idea to go north. To a forest. Where it’s colder. It was 50-odd degrees the entire time (that’s Farenheit, 10 or so Celcius!). Someone (Me!) didn’t check the weather forecast. Overcast and foggy. The entire time. That’s what happens when you head off on a whim I suppose.

Still though, we had a great time. No TV, no computer, no phones. Just rambling around in the woods. Throwing stones and leaves into the river. Pretending to be Winnie the Pooh.  And Tigger. As a matter of fact, I still have a small boy who insists that he is Tigger. Conversations go like this: “Do you want a bath?”, “Tiggers love baths” and off he goes, bouncing and singing a song that he has made up “I a Tigger here, I a Tigger there . . .(ad infinitum).”

Just because…

20 Nov

… I got a camera for my birthday. Yes, I am taking pictures of everything. Everything!

When other people stay…

5 Nov
  • Things are always slightly out of place.
  • There are weird things on the telly.
  • There are always dishes in the sink.
  • Nothing is ever clean.
  • You can find nothing.
  • You’re always wondering what to cook.


  • You have babysitters! You can spend a night in Santa Barbara. With your husband. Alone. And you can go out for dinner. With your husband. Alone. For your birthday. Hurrah!
  • You also have an on-hand handyman. To look into the weirdness that has been driving you a little crazy.

Surely that makes up for having to remember to close the bathroom door! You are not at home alone with a small boy that follows you everywhere anymore. Close the door. Ahem.

Hands off

1 Nov

With both sets of grandparents’ visits being so close together the differences in styles seem to be more pronounced. At the moment the Turtle is off rambling with Granny and Grandad. He could care less whether I am there or not. Actually, I think they all prefer when I am not there. Why?

Because they leave him alone. Unless he is in actual physical danger. There is no “Careful Turtle”; “No, no Turtle”; “(Do this) Turtle”; “Play with this Turtle” etc etc. He potters about. Does what he wants. And involves them when he wants to. And they are happy to be involved. To sing along with him rather than demand a performance.

Things are much less stressful in the Turtle household right now. We’re even going to leave the Turtle with them while we spend a night in Santa Barbara.

Someone said “Never try to make a happy child happier”. Wise words.

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