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Happy New Year!

31 Dec

I made my resolutions earlier this year, and they’re going great! I just need to work on the whole learning to drive thing. And I will. Soon.

In the meantime, I resolve that there will be more of this:

Loads more. Even if the other Moms from the playgroup look at me as if I am mental. I’m not. I’m just saving up my energy for the things worth fighting for. And be honest, it is hard to walk past a puddle without jumping into it, isn’t it?

Christmas 2010

31 Dec

Christmas is all over bar the shouting and roaring really, isn’t it? Our tree is still up and the living room is still strewn with toys, as will be the case until the 6th. That’s how things were when I was growing up. And so they shall be now again. When the tree comes down the toys will go into the dining room with all of their compatriots. And the house will look really bare.

I love the period after Christmas when the tree is still up and the pressure is off. It’s relaxing. It would be more relaxing if we had had Christmas dinner and there wasn’t a turky clogging up my freezer, but I just wasn’t up to it. Exhaustion and tetchiness put an end to all thoughts of cooking dinner. Four night shifts in a row take their toll on us too. Not just the Hubby, who actually has to do them. And we started another 4 night spell tonight. One night at a time, right? Surely it wont be as bad as last time!?!?

And as bad as it was for me, I’m relatively sure confident that the Turtle didn’t really notice and had a great time. Relatively. As much as you can be, I suppose.

I do know that when Mammy wasn’t “cross”, he was having a great time. And when Mammy was cross, “Turtle cross too”, pouty face and everything. It was short lived though.

And when I remember the Christmas of 2010, these are the images I want to recall

The ones I will recall. Memory is funny like that.

This is what happens …

24 Dec

…when a small boy points at a puddle 1/4 of an inch deep and says “Can I go in it?” and you say “Sure”, thinking “What harm can you do?”, he lies down in it and swims. He lifts up his shirt and rubs mud on it, saying “Look at the water in my belly.” What can you do but laugh?

…when you try to decorate gingerbread cookies with a small boy, he sucks the icing straight out of the tube.…when you think (on Christmas Eve), “I have nothing much to do tomorrow, yippee!”, your husband will come down the stairs (at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, mind you) and tell you that there is no food for them to eat on shift on Christmas day and he is going to call KFC!! So you volunteer to cook some things, whatever you can rustle up really, because the shops are about to close. And this is how you end up baking a cake at 10pm on Christmas Eve, wondering what you were thinking. Thank goodness we went overboard on our shopping this week. I’ll be roasting two chickens, making stuffing, mac and cheese (with cauliflower and shrimp, yum!), and perhaps some carrot and ginger soup. Oh, and something for us.

“Nothing to do!” Ha! That’ll teach me to think such things!

Christmas spirit

23 Dec

…is in short supply this year. I am running low on it anyway, despite my best efforts. Dread family visits and the accompanying stress all you like, then when there’s nobody here? You miss them. I think that if the Hubby wasn’t working it wouldn’t be half as bad, but I am 5 hours in to (at least) 80 of the next 96 hours I will be spending by myself (with the Turtle!) and am feeling a tad maudlin. Just a tad. It didn’t stop me from buying Guinness for Santa. And we’re planning to have Christmas dinner on Tuesday (the first day we’ll be able to sit around and watch the turkey cook, as is traditional 🙂 ). The presents are wrapped. The Turtle has picked up a startling number of Christmas songs and sings them over and over and over.

Regardless, I have been plowing on, trying to build our Christmas traditions and make thing s enjoyable for all of us. This is only our second Christmas together in our own home. The Hubby came over to Ireland to visit us for the Turtle’s first. So we are still establishing things. There seems to be plenty of baking and crafting. The ornaments on the tree are almost entirely handmade. There’s singing and old (from the 30s and 40s) Christmas cartoons.We have a small stack of Christmas books we work through almost daily too – Joseph is now (and probably always will be) “Jofuss” and crackers have become “Nutcrackers”.

And when we finally get to have Christmas dinner, there will be sausage stuffing. And probably brussel sprouts, even if I loathe them with a passion. And potatoes of every ilk, even though I am the only one who eats them. Oh and parsnips (which are ridiculously hard to find). Roll on Tuesday!


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For those of you lucky enough to celebrate Christmas on the appointed day, with your loved ones around you, Merry Christmas. And don’t forget to enjoy it, even the bits when everyone is driving you completely and utterly insane. Because that’s what Christmas is all about, surely!

The one in which she boasts…

22 Dec

Look at what I made! Look, look:

I’m exceptionally proud of myself. It’s one of the few things I have made that didn’t go glaringly wrong. The only “problem” is that his tail isn’t bouncy, despite the insertion of pipe cleaners. Still though, I’m sure that a small boy will be very happy with him. And if he’s not? I’ll keep him myself.

Christmas craft kits

19 Dec

The Turtle is a bit young for complicated crafts and I’m a bit too disorganised. So when I was at the craft store last week I picked up a few kits (the craft store is a dangerous place to be when your child is sleeping, not roaring to be let out.You buy everything. Everything). These little wooden ones came with markers and glitter! I ❤ glitter!

Isn’t he pretty?

The Turtle loved them too (I sent his to the grandparents before I took a picture). He’s starting to colour with a purpose. Tongue out and everything. So cute!

These ones are paper. They came with little pointy sticks, to scratch the paint off, to reveal shiny business underneath and ribbons to hang them up with. Pretty cool!

This, though was a disaster. And yes, I do realise that it says 6+ but the Turtle loves sticking things to other things and both me and the Hubby had a go at it too. This is as far as we got. I was the one who tried the big chunk of them together. The Turtle and the Hubby went for individually. Still no go. It may have to go in the bin, much as I loathe waste, I think I loathe this yoke more!

Santa Claus is coming to town!

18 Dec

Yep, he will be coming to this house.

I do not think of it as a lie. It is a part of the magic of childhood. And one of the perks of being a parent.
It’s my job to make his childhood as magical as I can. And I will.

Of course he was frightened out of his living life out of him today, but all costumed people are to be treated with suspicion when you are 2. He did come around a bit and managed to give Santa a high five and wish him a Merry Christmas. Then when he came home he wanted to “talk” to Santa (on PNP).

Santa is magical.



This close!

18 Dec

We were this close (holds thumb and forefinger a smidgen apart while hand shakes with indignation), this close to having a noise-making-toy free Christmas. So, so close.

Then we got this. An interactive talking map for a two year-old. Honestly? After 5 minutes I wanted to set it on fire. Well, I really wanted to exchange it for something else. But then the Hubby took it out of the box. And that plan went up in smoke.

I may be an ungrateful mare, but both sets of grandparents asked what they should get the Turtle for Christmas. And we told them. (Duplo). And they bought it and left it here after their visits. Grand, I thought, that’s Christmas sorted. There’ll be a big pile of toys, but it won’t be overwhelming.

I was wrong.


My first Christmas cake

17 Dec

Look at her! Isn’t she a beauty?

Well, ok, she’s a bit flat and I have no idea what those green fruit are. And she’s a bit pale. But other than that? Not too bad at all. I mean I have no idea how it will taste, but after all of the effort (and most of that was just decoding the recipe) it had better be good. Or people should at the very least have the good grace to lie to me about it 🙂

Next stop, mince pies! And perhaps some gingerbread people!

Most random thing on a Christmas tree

16 Dec

You can buy an awful lot of random things to put on your tree over here. Cartoon characters, sports team paraphernalia, just pure randomness. It doesn’t sit well with me, and I try to avoid them if I can. Having said that, the combined pester power of the Hubby and the Turtle has led to us having an Elmo and a Crush (turtle from Nemo) on the tree. Still though, I try to only have traditional things on the tree, baubles, bells, stars, snowmen, Santa, stockings etc.

And yet . . . I think I can win the prize for the most random thing on a Christmas tree. Ever. Pretty, isn’t it? But what is it?









It’s a Japanese scrubby thing. For in the bath. Called a “tawashi”.

And how did that happen? Well, I was on Ravelry and I searched for Christmas ornaments to make. And my friend the tawashi came up. And I thought “Ooh, pretty” and put it in my queue. It wasn’t until I had finished making it that I looked at the page properly and went “Huh?” But it’s pretty and it’s staying up there. I may even make some more 😉


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