One word

1 Dec

For 2010?


2010 will always and ever be “the year we moved to California”. Everything else will be dwarfed by that one event. I’ve moved before, but moving with a small boy and a husband is an entirely different kettle of fish. The kettle is made all the more different when you go from packing a suitcase for yourself, to an entire household. And on a deadline? With no definite address to go to? Phew. Moves like this will be in our futures too. Every four years. Or less.

Our lives will be punctuated by moves. But the first one? The first one was something.

My imagination was in overdrive. The move process. The trip across country. Our lives here. Because you can bring all of your stuff, but people get left behind. And there is no doubt that you are somewhere else. But that’s not always bad.

Moving has enabled us to make new friends, to carve out a little life for ourselves. A life that is fuller. And richer.




Open to change.

Open to life.

Open to friends.



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