4 Dec

I’m not sure that you can have a two year old and not have wonder in your life. Well you can, if you ignore everything they say and do. Although I’m not sure why people do that. It makes the world such a bleak place. I am subject to the whims and vagaries of my fella. And it’s brilliant. His little flights of fancy were the reason we were feeding the “elephant” pine cones in the park yesterday.

Our "elephant"

And we’ll probably do it again tomorrow.

New things are always greeted with a slight intake of breath and a “What’s that Mammy?” Not always greeted with joy, I grant you, but there is often laughter. You can’t help but laugh when you’re in a public restroom and you hear a sound, one that you expect to hear, but that a two year old boy meets with surprise and a “What’s that Mammy?…What’s the lady doing?…Sssshhh Mammy, listen. What’s that?”

Exciting things are met with a “Look Mammy, LOOK!” And if I don’t, he’ll twist my head around until I’m looking the right way. Then he’ll peer into my face to make sure that I am actually looking. Because sometimes I’m not. And I have to wonder about myself. This stage is probably the only one in which I will be able to see through his eyes. Why am I not looking through them every day? Why did I not let him out of the buggy yesterday too look for lizards? Because it would be too hard to get him back in. “Amorra we’ll look for lizards.” Yes we will. Yes we will.


One Response to “Wonder”

  1. Tammy Hanna December 5, 2010 at 1:44 am #

    🙂 This post has reminded me of Jake suddenly chirping up (at night time, when I’m putting him to bed and it’s been quiet for 5 seconds and I think he’s fallen asleep)…”WHAT’S THAT NOISE MUMMY?” – the radiator whirring, a plane flying overhead, Daddy eating downstairs, etc etc

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