Most random thing on a Christmas tree

16 Dec

You can buy an awful lot of random things to put on your tree over here. Cartoon characters, sports team paraphernalia, just pure randomness. It doesn’t sit well with me, and I try to avoid them if I can. Having said that, the combined pester power of the Hubby and the Turtle has led to us having an Elmo and a Crush (turtle from Nemo) on the tree. Still though, I try to only have traditional things on the tree, baubles, bells, stars, snowmen, Santa, stockings etc.

And yet . . . I think I can win the prize for the most random thing on a Christmas tree. Ever. Pretty, isn’t it? But what is it?









It’s a Japanese scrubby thing. For in the bath. Called a “tawashi”.

And how did that happen? Well, I was on Ravelry and I searched for Christmas ornaments to make. And my friend the tawashi came up. And I thought “Ooh, pretty” and put it in my queue. It wasn’t until I had finished making it that I looked at the page properly and went “Huh?” But it’s pretty and it’s staying up there. I may even make some more 😉



One Response to “Most random thing on a Christmas tree”

  1. Liz December 24, 2010 at 4:57 am #

    What a fabulous thing to put on your tree, never seen one before! Happy Christmas x

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