This close!

18 Dec

We were this close (holds thumb and forefinger a smidgen apart while hand shakes with indignation), this close to having a noise-making-toy free Christmas. So, so close.

Then we got this. An interactive talking map for a two year-old. Honestly? After 5 minutes I wanted to set it on fire. Well, I really wanted to exchange it for something else. But then the Hubby took it out of the box. And that plan went up in smoke.

I may be an ungrateful mare, but both sets of grandparents asked what they should get the Turtle for Christmas. And we told them. (Duplo). And they bought it and left it here after their visits. Grand, I thought, that’s Christmas sorted. There’ll be a big pile of toys, but it won’t be overwhelming.

I was wrong.



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