Christmas 2010

31 Dec

Christmas is all over bar the shouting and roaring really, isn’t it? Our tree is still up and the living room is still strewn with toys, as will be the case until the 6th. That’s how things were when I was growing up. And so they shall be now again. When the tree comes down the toys will go into the dining room with all of their compatriots. And the house will look really bare.

I love the period after Christmas when the tree is still up and the pressure is off. It’s relaxing. It would be more relaxing if we had had Christmas dinner and there wasn’t a turky clogging up my freezer, but I just wasn’t up to it. Exhaustion and tetchiness put an end to all thoughts of cooking dinner. Four night shifts in a row take their toll on us too. Not just the Hubby, who actually has to do them. And we started another 4 night spell tonight. One night at a time, right? Surely it wont be as bad as last time!?!?

And as bad as it was for me, I’m relatively sure confident that the Turtle didn’t really notice and had a great time. Relatively. As much as you can be, I suppose.

I do know that when Mammy wasn’t “cross”, he was having a great time. And when Mammy was cross, “Turtle cross too”, pouty face and everything. It was short lived though.

And when I remember the Christmas of 2010, these are the images I want to recall

The ones I will recall. Memory is funny like that.


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