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Camping, take two

27 Jan

We gave camping a go again last week. Ahem. In January.

It seemed warm enough. And it was. If there had been no wind. But there was. Strong gusting winds. Strong enough to make me believe the tent would blow away. Not strong enough to keep a small boy awake though. (Phew.) But, strong enough to make a Husband complain the entire time!! As if he were the only one being kept awake.


Cold, wind, barking dogs, partying teenagers and complaining husbands aside, we did manage to have fun.

We might try it again this week. For two whole nights!




26 Jan

I’m down 15 pounds. One third of the way there. And feeling great! I can look at photos of myself without cringing.


Rocket launch

21 Jan

A Delta IV for those of you who are interested. The biggest one to have been launched out of the east coast.

Chinese mothers

15 Jan

Have you read this? It makes me feel a little sick.

I know that parents have different “goals” and aspirations for their children, but when did being a piano-playing doctor become the epitome of “success”? The mind boggles.

I have given a fair amount of thought to how I would like the Turtle to “turn out”. Broad strokes you understand, broad strokes. Living the “military life” and moving around so much I think it’s important that he does not follow people blindly. I want him to think for himself. So when he’s “defiant” I try to see it as a good thing. Especially if he has a reason. He has no problem saying no to me or letting me know when things are silly. So I have that base covered.

Independence, confidence, empathy and creativity are things I would like to foster, but I’m not sure how one would go about it. I’m just hoping that my haphazard parenting style will foster these things, somehow. Osmosis?

Regardless, I doubt I will be making him practice the piano for hours and hours. The guitar or the accordion, maybe! Those were the instruments I wanted to play you see. Then again, he isn’t me. There’s a chance he’ll have no interest in playing music. Or that he’ll be like me and be unable to play two chords in succession. Or he might be like my brother and be able to do wonderful things with a guitar. Who knows?

The important thing is that he knows that we will love him regardless. Grades seem to be rather arbitrary things to base your child’s self-worth on.

“Western” and “permissive” it may be but as long as he tries his best (as he defines it), who am I to argue. I know that that was what my parents expected of me. And when I didn’t do my best, I knew it. It was my responsibility. Only I could fix it, by trying harder the next time.

This household will have more of this and absolutely no biting of the piano. None.




9 Jan

The Turtle’s bedtime routine goes something like this: pjs and milk downstairs, upstairs for toothbrushing, a story and some songs, and me sneaking away when he’s asleep. I love it (except when he wakes up as I am trying to sneak away. I don’t love that bit. I frequently swear). He reads along with his books and tells me the story of his day. Anything that has been bothering him tumbles out as he falls to sleep (hitting his friends, where Daddy is, things like that).

He then requests songs that I sing while he nods off. The most popular recently has been “Cockles and Mussels Mammy, cockles and mussels” or, as it is otherwise known “Molly Malone”. He loves it. I think we played it in the car at least 10 times in a row the other day.

Yesterday we were watching British One Hit Wonders on VH1. We turned it on just in time for The Boomtown Rats “I don’t like Mondays” and had a bit of a boogie. Then rewound it and boogied again and again and again. Which is why I was singing “I don’t like Mondays” last night. Over and over. I doubt that even “Sir Bob” has used it for a lullaby.

What’s the strangest one you have had to sing?

Give this one a try. Go on. You know you want to!

Top five moments of 2010

1 Jan

It would seem I did one of these for 2009. I can’t leave 2010 out in the cold, now can I? So here we go:

  • making a surprise visit to Ireland
  • the trip across country
  • moving to California. The rain of the past few weeks notwithstanding, the weather here is perfect. We’re becoming outdoors-y. And I like it!
  • our first “camping” trip
  • just watching the Turtle grow. He takes my breath away. 

Here’s to 2011 and plenty more “top moments”!

Uh oh!

1 Jan

I have a small boy who has taken to saying “Jesus Christ”, not as in “Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” but (just in case you were in any doubt) as an expletive. He finds it terribly amusing. As does the Hubby, who really shouldn’t because it is ALL his fault.

The Turtle bumps into something “Jesus Christ!!”

The Hubby, laughing hysterically “Oh Turtle we don’t say that”

The Turtle replies “Daddy says it”

The Hubby, not laughing anymore “Yes, but….”

The Turtle purposely bumps into something else “Jesus Christ!!”

All laughing has stopped.

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