Camping, take two

27 Jan

We gave camping a go again last week. Ahem. In January.

It seemed warm enough. And it was. If there had been no wind. But there was. Strong gusting winds. Strong enough to make me believe the tent would blow away. Not strong enough to keep a small boy awake though. (Phew.) But, strong enough to make a Husband complain the entire time!! As if he were the only one being kept awake.


Cold, wind, barking dogs, partying teenagers and complaining husbands aside, we did manage to have fun.

We might try it again this week. For two whole nights!




One Response to “Camping, take two”

  1. Carol Ann Hoel January 28, 2011 at 11:50 am #

    Camping will always be a great option for a vacation, but camping with Turtle along to make it all worthwhile is a fleeting opportunity. You are both wise to enjoy your little boy while you may. Blessings to you both, all three of you, that is…

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