Exercise! Exercise!

1 Feb

I am now a proud graduate of the couch to 5k program. Whoop! The plan is to continue running 3 miles every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Because, hold on to your hats and try not to faint, I like it. I do. I even ran someplace the other day. That’s right, running as a mode of transport. Who am I??

I have also started “Shredding“. I think the word is masochism. I couldn’t walk for the first three days. But I kept “shredding” like a mad yoke. And running.

I might be on the road to madness. But I would like to say to the person who said (negatively) “Your legs will get very muscular”, thank you for your concern. I suspect that muscular legs at some point in the future might be the least of my worries. Right now I am worried about being able to keep up with a two year old. I am worried that my BMI is in the obese range even though I have lost a fairly significant amount of weight.

I am not worried about muscular legs.

If I were vain enough to worry about such things I would worry about muffin tops. And bingo wings. And stretch marks. All sorts of other things really. Muscular legs are waaaaay down the list. If they are even on it. Who looks at legs and goes “Hmm, they might be a bit muscular.” Honestly.

Off she goes, “muscular” legs a go-go, belly hopping and arms flopping. Na na na na na!


One Response to “Exercise! Exercise!”

  1. Carol Ann Hoel February 2, 2011 at 5:28 pm #

    Good for you! Hurrah! Blessings…

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