Sewing lessons

9 Feb


Broke out my poor neglected sewing machine this week. Baby shoes and a bib beckoned. Sadly, the will to make them properly was, well, missing. Lessons learned:

  • cut things out carefully. Try to cut so that things end up roughly the same size.
  • change the thread to match the fabric. Light yellow thread and dark green fabric? A big mess.
  • read instructions carefully. Otherwise you end up with your batting on the outside. And have to unpick the entire thing. Swearing the entire time.
  • when your ‘hook and loop tape’ says “unsuitable for fabric”, believe it. Don’t stick it on and attempt to sew through it.
  • when you do try to sew through 2 layers of ‘hook and loop tape’, 2 layers of fabric and a layer of batting, the needle will get stuck and glue will get all over the needle and you will end up with reams of thread and a sticky needle. A mess that you abandoned 2 days ago and haven’t cracked the door on since.
  • you don’t need two fasteners on a reversible bib. Which means the sticky needle was for nothing. Nothing!

Still though, cuteness! No?


One Response to “Sewing lessons”

  1. Carol Ann Hoel February 10, 2011 at 9:22 am #

    In spite of your tribulation, I looked closely, and you did a great job. Beautiful! Blessings to you for not giving up!

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