14 Feb

God, but today has been a day of failures. The stars just don’t seem to be aligning correctly. And it’s only 12:30. If I had curtains I would draw them and pretend it was night already (note to self: make curtains, but not today!)

I spent yesterday afternoon making Valentine’s cards with the Turtle for all of his little friends. “With” being a rather vague concept. Small boys who don’t nap in the afternoon don’t like painting. They like running around the place like mad lunatics.

Then last night I prepped Dal soup for our play date and threw it in the crock pot.  The picture of domestic goddess-ness, me!

This morning, the soup looked like slop but tasted ok.

We got dressed and ready to go to our play date. A 45 minute operation.

We left the house and everything. Got 1/4  of a mile down the road. And it started raining. Well, sprinkling, really. So we turned back. The thought of cycling 3 miles there, standing around in the “cold” and perhaps getting trapped by a downpour was just too much. Not to mention the ride home again!

Cue wailing and general put-outedness from a small boy at the injustice of it all.

My wailing all happened on the inside.

Then came the plan to go to the movies. A mere 20 minutes to get ready this time. And even though it is still threatening rain, the theatre is only a mile away, so not too bad. Got there, on time and everything. And he’s asleep. Completely conked. How is it even possible to fall asleep in a bike trailer on a fairly bumpy road, wearing a helmet and looking completely uncomfortable?

Home again. He’s still asleep.

Should we bother trying to get out of the house again to get the Hubby a card?

Or will there be a thunderstorm?

If the sushi place is closed, there’ll be more tears.


Most definitely.


One Response to “Fail!”

  1. Carol Ann Hoel February 15, 2011 at 11:36 am #

    Tomorrow’s another day… 🙂

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