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Dinosaur days

30 Mar

Trains are THE big obsession around here. Followed, rather closely by dinosaurs. Or any kind of bones. But the main focus is dinosaur bones. So when I came across these activities we had to give some of them a go. Especially as it was raining.

We read The Cat in the Hat’s Dinosaur book A LOT, so the Turtle knows a bit about searching for fossils and making a mould. He kept going “Is it a leg bone? Maybe a muzzle. It’s a crazy mixed up dinosaur puzzle”, as he fished out the bits of pasta and beans from the flour and put them in the play dough.

I love how playing with him is so fluid. I get to see how his mind works. He connects things in a way that I wouldn’t.

We had so much fun on when we were rained in that we “blew off” a play date the next day. We had another dinosaur day. Hung out here a bit. Dinosaurs and trains combined. Awesome. But who knew there were enough dinosaurs for an alphabet? Not me.

My first handbag

28 Mar

The Hubby took the Turtle off on an adventure yesterday. So that I could get on top of things. Instead I started a new project, ignoring all of the chores and WIPs I have hanging around the place. And success!

Now the interfacing is a bit wonky. And I didn’t have enough of either material for the handles. Or the bow.  And the lining was a bit big. But it is pretty. I used remnants, and recycled one of the Hubby’s shirts for the lining, so it cost the grand total of $1.25.

The handbag addiction may be replaced by a making handbags addiction.


The frog’s belly

24 Mar

Mother running down cycling track. Clumsily. Small boy in stroller. He has been giving out. But has stopped for the moment.

<ribbit ribbit>

Mother slows, rather gratefully “Do you hear the frog?”

“What’s the frog doing?”


“Where is it?”

“Down there” (points rather uselessly to a river the boy can’t see).

“Us is not going in the frog’s belly Mom”

“Uh, no we’re not”

Mother spends the next three miles wondering what the small boy has been watching on TV.

Collective memory

24 Mar

In this age of the internet and all of the benefits it brings, I wonder about our collective memory. You know, nursery rhymes and fairy tales, songs, things of that ilk. Now I know that those things are far more accessible to us now, so when the Turtle says “I need an apple song Mammy” I just go on YouTube and type in “apple song” and up come a selection. We choose one to listen to and end up on a magical mystery tour of YouTube’s offerings. Some are good. Some, not so. That’s the thing though. “Nowadays” is there a collective memory? Will my great grandchildren know the same songs as yours? The same ones as our grandparents sang? And if we’re recording every song made by every eejit with a computer and a microphone in a way that seems to me to be more permanent than the ways the previous generations have done, are we all going to look like eejits to the subsequent generations. The good stuff will be subsumed by the rest. Diluted in a way.


A thing of beauty…

22 Mar

These days I find myself drawn to the “housewares” department more and more. It used to be clothes and make up. Now I don’t even look sideways at them. Instead I look at pots and odd-looking utensils and mostly covet them because our kitchen isn’t very big and I haven’t entirely worked out where exactly things should go just yet. Things are all higgledy piggledy, not annoying enough to re-organise, but certainly enough of a pain for me to not want to add to it. Until I found thisA “happy” pot. The Hubby laughs at me when I call things happy (we have happy sheets and towels too). But it is. It’s happy. By chance I found a matching skillet too (on a different day, bonus!!) What can I say? They give me joy. And pause. Housewifing sure does change a girl. Here I am waxing lyrical about a pot.

But look at it

And with yesterday’s dinner in it. Ahhhhhhhhh! Happy food. (Not if you’re 2, then you say “Bleugh”).

Meatless Monday

21 Mar

We I have decided to institute one meat free day a week. I recently bought this book

and I love it. It’s so shiny and colourful. And inspirational, obviously. It’s not a “vegetarian” book. There are meat and fish recipes in it. As well as vegetarian ones. I love meat too much to go “all out”. But I think we (as a family) eat too much meat. This was especially true when Mam was here. She’s rather picky. To say the least. Red meat all the way with her. And potatoes galore. She did try quinoa though, so that was a start. I suppose.

So after gorging ourselves on red meat for the past three weeks, it’s time for a change. Seeing as it has been raining most of the day I couldn’t really try any of the things in this book (housebound, so no shopping). But I do have lentils. So “lentil bolognese” it shall be. And probably a burger later for the Hubby, because if you don’t eat meat, you haven’t eaten. Note: he hasn’t actually said this, he just looked beleaguered, as if he was thinking “Good Lord what is she going to feed me now??” Usually he eats whatever concoctions I put in front of him without complaining good grace. I can only tell he doesn’t like something when he doesn’t go for seconds!

Nonetheless, this is an “experiment” that I intend to be ongoing. Whether I receive complaints or not. I have found this site too so I shan’t be lacking inspiration 😀



18 Mar

I’m not sure that there is much that I can say about the disaster in Japan. Not much that hasn’t already been said in any case.

I am in awe of how the people there have handled all of the crises that have befallen them. But I am not surprised. That inner strength and resilience is something I have long admired in the Japanese people. Reading things like this moves me to tears.

And yet, I am saddened too. The media coverage has been sensationalist. But more than that, people I know, people I had thought of as caring and intelligent are panicking over what the nuclear disaster means for them. You know, if  the radiation blows across the ocean at us.

The “Me, me, me” sentiment makes me sad. If the disasters that have befallen Japan had happened anywhere in the “Western” world can you imagine what would have happened? Can you?

Gaman Japan. Gaman.


A break

9 Mar

Mam did come. On the Tuesday.

I have been able to go out for dinner with my husband three times. We have been to the movies twice and I have been able to clean out the fridge properly. Whoop! Here’s an insight into my inner freakery (talking to the Hubby) “Oooh! When Mam is here I’ll be able to clean out the fridge! Oooh!” (Blank stare from the Hubby). “Ahem, and go out on dates with you.” Beaming smile (thinking of a clean fridge).

The laundry room is clean now too.

The garage, the cupboard under the stairs, the craft room and the food cupboard are also on the list. We’ll see. Hindered by laziness at the moment.

I have also been able to up the running to 5 miles. FIVE miles!!!

And chances are that I will take the driving permit test (or whatever it is called) before she leaves. I have been studying haphazardly diligently all week. I finished the manual in any case. I want to learn how to drive. I’m just not 17 and invincible, so it’s taking longer than it should. I think it might be nerves. But I can do it! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Alright, back to it.



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