18 Mar

I’m not sure that there is much that I can say about the disaster in Japan. Not much that hasn’t already been said in any case.

I am in awe of how the people there have handled all of the crises that have befallen them. But I am not surprised. That inner strength and resilience is something I have long admired in the Japanese people. Reading things like this moves me to tears.

And yet, I am saddened too. The media coverage has been sensationalist. But more than that, people I know, people I had thought of as caring and intelligent are panicking over what the nuclear disaster means for them. You know, if  the radiation blows across the ocean at us.

The “Me, me, me” sentiment makes me sad. If the disasters that have befallen Japan had happened anywhere in the “Western” world can you imagine what would have happened? Can you?

Gaman Japan. Gaman.



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