Meatless Monday

21 Mar

We I have decided to institute one meat free day a week. I recently bought this book

and I love it. It’s so shiny and colourful. And inspirational, obviously. It’s not a “vegetarian” book. There are meat and fish recipes in it. As well as vegetarian ones. I love meat too much to go “all out”. But I think we (as a family) eat too much meat. This was especially true when Mam was here. She’s rather picky. To say the least. Red meat all the way with her. And potatoes galore. She did try quinoa though, so that was a start. I suppose.

So after gorging ourselves on red meat for the past three weeks, it’s time for a change. Seeing as it has been raining most of the day I couldn’t really try any of the things in this book (housebound, so no shopping). But I do have lentils. So “lentil bolognese” it shall be. And probably a burger later for the Hubby, because if you don’t eat meat, you haven’t eaten. Note: he hasn’t actually said this, he just looked beleaguered, as if he was thinking “Good Lord what is she going to feed me now??” Usually he eats whatever concoctions I put in front of him without complaining good grace. I can only tell he doesn’t like something when he doesn’t go for seconds!

Nonetheless, this is an “experiment” that I intend to be ongoing. Whether I receive complaints or not. I have found this site too so I shan’t be lacking inspiration 😀



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