A thing of beauty…

22 Mar

These days I find myself drawn to the “housewares” department more and more. It used to be clothes and make up. Now I don’t even look sideways at them. Instead I look at pots and odd-looking utensils and mostly covet them because our kitchen isn’t very big and I haven’t entirely worked out where exactly things should go just yet. Things are all higgledy piggledy, not annoying enough to re-organise, but certainly enough of a pain for me to not want to add to it. Until I found thisA “happy” pot. The Hubby laughs at me when I call things happy (we have happy sheets and towels too). But it is. It’s happy. By chance I found a matching skillet too (on a different day, bonus!!) What can I say? They give me joy. And pause. Housewifing sure does change a girl. Here I am waxing lyrical about a pot.

But look at it

And with yesterday’s dinner in it. Ahhhhhhhhh! Happy food. (Not if you’re 2, then you say “Bleugh”).


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