Collective memory

24 Mar

In this age of the internet and all of the benefits it brings, I wonder about our collective memory. You know, nursery rhymes and fairy tales, songs, things of that ilk. Now I know that those things are far more accessible to us now, so when the Turtle says “I need an apple song Mammy” I just go on YouTube and type in “apple song” and up come a selection. We choose one to listen to and end up on a magical mystery tour of YouTube’s offerings. Some are good. Some, not so. That’s the thing though. “Nowadays” is there a collective memory? Will my great grandchildren know the same songs as yours? The same ones as our grandparents sang? And if we’re recording every song made by every eejit with a computer and a microphone in a way that seems to me to be more permanent than the ways the previous generations have done, are we all going to look like eejits to the subsequent generations. The good stuff will be subsumed by the rest. Diluted in a way.



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