Dinosaur days

30 Mar

Trains are THE big obsession around here. Followed, rather closely by dinosaurs. Or any kind of bones. But the main focus is dinosaur bones. So when I came across these activities we had to give some of them a go. Especially as it was raining.

We read The Cat in the Hat’s Dinosaur book A LOT, so the Turtle knows a bit about searching for fossils and making a mould. He kept going “Is it a leg bone? Maybe a muzzle. It’s a crazy mixed up dinosaur puzzle”, as he fished out the bits of pasta and beans from the flour and put them in the play dough.

I love how playing with him is so fluid. I get to see how his mind works. He connects things in a way that I wouldn’t.

We had so much fun on when we were rained in that we “blew off” a play date the next day. We had another dinosaur day. Hung out here a bit. Dinosaurs and trains combined. Awesome. But who knew there were enough dinosaurs for an alphabet? Not me.

One Response to “Dinosaur days”

  1. Carol Ann Hoel March 30, 2011 at 9:45 pm #

    Turtle may grow up to be a scientist. He looks very focused. You’re a great mom! Blessings…

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