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A break

9 Mar

Mam did come. On the Tuesday.

I have been able to go out for dinner with my husband three times. We have been to the movies twice and I have been able to clean out the fridge properly. Whoop! Here’s an insight into my inner freakery (talking to the Hubby) “Oooh! When Mam is here I’ll be able to clean out the fridge! Oooh!” (Blank stare from the Hubby). “Ahem, and go out on dates with you.” Beaming smile (thinking of a clean fridge).

The laundry room is clean now too.

The garage, the cupboard under the stairs, the craft room and the food cupboard are also on the list. We’ll see. Hindered by laziness at the moment.

I have also been able to up the running to 5 miles. FIVE miles!!!

And chances are that I will take the driving permit test (or whatever it is called) before she leaves. I have been studying haphazardly diligently all week. I finished the manual in any case. I want to learn how to drive. I’m just not 17 and invincible, so it’s taking longer than it should. I think it might be nerves. But I can do it! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Alright, back to it.



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