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25 May

The Hubby was away last week. TDY. That’s military speak for business trip.

He took the laptop.

It was touch and go for the first couple of days. I thought I might lose my mind. Cut off, as I was, from the outside world. Yes, I did have a computer, a cell phone, a land line, a television and all of the other trappings of modern life. But I felt a bit lost.

It would seem that I am addicted to the internet. Or the laptop or something.

It goes on in the morning. And stays on for most of the day. And I’m fiddle faddling about on it. Doing lord knows what. Because if you ask me I have no idea. None.

And I only realised when it was gone.

Do you know how many things I got done when I had no computer???

And not boring, housework-y things either.

There was proper playing with the Turtle. And reading books. And general slobbering.

There was crocheting. And crafting. And reading. Of proper books. Without pictures.

So I am limiting myself. The laptop now lives upstairs in the craft room. It comes down at nap time (now) and goes back up again when I am done. No more magical mystery tours of the internet. It’s a wonderful tool. But how/ when did I let it become my life? (How many hours do you spend on it?)

For posterity

7 May
  • I am curing pork hocks in the fridge to make ham hocks. So that I can make some kind of hock and black-eyed pea yoke. A result of getting turnips (swedes/rutabaga) in the veg box this week and an odd desire to do something “new”. (Who am I??)
  • I have a car!! It’s yellow and cute. Still can’t drive it, but I’m getting there. And a cute car is a good bribe incentive. I mean the gas mileage is great.
  • The veg box has helped us to discover that we don’t like artichokes. I especially don’t like them because I am the one that has to prep them. It’s a lot of work for very little reward. And how does one eat them in polite company? Or are we the only ones left with a pile of  leaves, teethmarks running up the side? If they come again what am I going to do with them. Recipes needed.
  • This was the week I killed the fish. Our happy little carnival goldfish that looked like they might live forever. Not only that, I also managed to kill a friend’s fish while I was at it. I was fish-sitting. It would seem that I knocked the washing-up liquid over, into the lid of the tank. It spilled. And then when I put the lid on the tank (after spending an hour cleaning it), the washing-up liquid dripped into the tank, killing the fish. All of them. I wouldn’t mind, but the Turtle and I noticed “jellyfish” floating around in the tank and wondered what they were. But failed to investigate further. The Turtle did ask where the fish were once this week, but seems happy with the explanation that they “are on holiday at the shop and we’ll collect them later”. I know, I should be honest and use this as an opportunity to explain “the circle of life” and whatnot, but I’m incapable of doing so while I am the one who expedited the whole process. Farewell little fishes.
  • This week too, was the first time in YEARS that I put on a swimsuit and went to the pool. Not to swim, but to splash around in the water with a small boy. I may still have 20 (odd) pounds to lose, but I am at the stage where I feel (fairly) comfortable in a swimsuit. And the Turtle starts swim lessons on Tuesday. Hurrah.

That seems like enough to be getting on with.

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