25 May

The Hubby was away last week. TDY. That’s military speak for business trip.

He took the laptop.

It was touch and go for the first couple of days. I thought I might lose my mind. Cut off, as I was, from the outside world. Yes, I did have a computer, a cell phone, a land line, a television and all of the other trappings of modern life. But I felt a bit lost.

It would seem that I am addicted to the internet. Or the laptop or something.

It goes on in the morning. And stays on for most of the day. And I’m fiddle faddling about on it. Doing lord knows what. Because if you ask me I have no idea. None.

And I only realised when it was gone.

Do you know how many things I got done when I had no computer???

And not boring, housework-y things either.

There was proper playing with the Turtle. And reading books. And general slobbering.

There was crocheting. And crafting. And reading. Of proper books. Without pictures.

So I am limiting myself. The laptop now lives upstairs in the craft room. It comes down at nap time (now) and goes back up again when I am done. No more magical mystery tours of the internet. It’s a wonderful tool. But how/ when did I let it become my life? (How many hours do you spend on it?)


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