I’ve learned

18 Jun
  • I am not cut out for working AND looking after a small child. We spent the past week at a Vacation Bible School, me volunteering, him jumping around like a mad lunatic, and just the logistics of getting us out the door in the morning almost drove me to drink. Well, they drove me to not drink because I was afraid that if I started I might never stop.
  • No help is better than people standing around chatting, while you try to desperately wrangle 10 toddlers, keep the peace and change diapers.
  • 3 hours is a long time.
  • People stress out about weird things.
  • The words “You’re a natural mother” can sound a bit insulting when they come from the people who have been standing around watching as you desperately tried to avoid bloodshed all week.
  • Taking small boys to new places by yourself is a bit stressful. I don’t know how single parents do it. Usually if I take him somewhere it’s somewhere we have been before, so I know all of the dangers/hiding spots/pitfalls. Seaworld and San Diego zoo, on the other hand, well. You end up shouting “stop” a fair bit. And come home with a $22 towel.
  • When a small boy is exhausted he WILL sleep in his own bed for the ENTIRE night.
  • When a small boy sleeps in his own bed all night you HAVE to go and check if he’s alright in the morning.
  • Grand crafting designs take an inordinate amount of time. And involve a lot of mess. And make you dread opening the door to the craft room. So nothing gets done.

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