19 Jun

The Hubby often comments that he never sees other Fathers in parks or out and about (by themselves) with their kids. You’ll see mine. Because every now and then I’ll have a hissy fit and send them off together, so that I can hoover or wash the floor or fiddle faddle around on the internet. Honestly though, I think they would head off together regardless. They have a great time. And I am not there to interfere. Or be a Motherhood martyr. I’m not the only one who struggles with a curious boy in a public restroom. Ha! Sharing the misery is part of my job! But so is sharing the joy. And one of the best ways to do that is send them off together on adventures. My small boy lives for “ventures”.

Things may not be done the way I would do them, but where’s the harm? He might even do some things better than I do. (But don’t tell him that!) I know that when they’re off together, there is nothing that either of them would rather be doing.

So Father’s Day in this house was not about shiny expensive things, more about being together, showing the most important man in our lives, just how important and special he is. Because he is.



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