Yes day

27 Jun

We had a “Yes day” the other day. Because sometimes I get sick of saying “No”, “Not now”, “Maybe later” and “Sorry but the (highly attractive place) is closed”. So, when the Turtle asked to do activities we did them, as they popped into his head. It turns out that the things he wants to do aren’t entirely outlandish at all really and he has some better ideas than I do.

A day led by an almost 3 year old goes like this:

  • wake up and spend an hour in bed reading all of the Dr. Seuss books he can carry (coffee would have been nice! ahem)
  • have breakfast while talking to Granny on the phone (“I NEED to tell Granny about breffast”)
  • crafty shennanigans – I subscribed to the Thomas magazine for him and the one issue we have gotten had a “How to make a Bertie moneybox out of a cardboard box” thing in it. The Turtle has been asking me to make one with him for almost 2 weeks. I had been fobbing him off with the fact that we didn’t have a box, but on a “yes day” you make do with a little box  that is a bit unsuitable and carry on regardless. And your heart melts when you hear “Bertie! I’m so glad you’re here” at the end of what is a quite rigorous process.
  • he asked for his squirty bottle to be filled so he could drink it. Spray bottles from the Dollar store may be THE best thing ever, but that doesn’t stop you thinking about the 7,000,000 cups you have in the cupboard. Still, you give it a quick rinse and fill it up for him and send him outside with it. You even open your mouth when he insists you need a drink. Then you distract him by getting him to help you plant seeds in an egg carton. He gives the seeds a drink then wanders off to squirt the flowers.
  • lunch is hot dogs and spaghetti. You know, where you stick the spaghetti into the bits of hot dog, so they look like aliens or spiders or something. “Us is making craft food” (accompanied by a little dance).
  • “Let’s play Sea World Mammy” What? My mind boggles. It turns out playing Sea World involves nothing more than turning on the hose and running about screaming. Pretty cool. That boy can aim.
  • he brings all of the things he “needs” on a walk to the shop. Usually he can only bring one or two things because of space restrictions in the buggy. And he conks. Naps for over three hours.

The evening was spent having a family barbeque. Quality time and all that. “Stop cooking Daddy. I NEED to eat the shrimp NOW” had to be a no, because it wasn’t cooked.

Then we went to a local fair and he rode only on the rides he wanted to. And ate funnel cake.

All in all, a good day. Filled to the brim. A day that needs to be relived (in spirit) at least once a week.

One Response to “Yes day”

  1. Heather July 26, 2011 at 12:50 am #

    Such an awesome idea! Love it!!!

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