Look at you

23 Jul

You’re three now. I look at you some days and wonder where the time went. One minute you were helpless in my arms. Now you’re ordering me about. A lot. I’m only listening because your flights of fancy are much more interesting than mine: “I need to sing with the whales Mammy.” “Umm, ok.” “Hold my legs. I’m is need to be upside down.” “Oh, right. Do whales sing upside down?” “Yep.” How do you know this stuff?

You’re like a little sponge. Soaking up information and spurting it out when you need it. And your imagination seems to need a lot of information. I love to watch you process things. I may not tell you this until after you leave home, but you are smarter than I am. I am learning with you though. I mean I now know a lot more about dinosaurs than I even thought there was to know. I’m pretty sure that when I was a kid that there were only about 6 dinosaurs. Apatosaurus? No. Giganotosaurus? Definitely not.

Marine biology is another thing I never knew anything about. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know how soft anemones are. Or that they tickle. Or that starfish are fairly solid. And can regenerate their legs. You love the ocean and aquariums. I had visited maybe one aquarium before I had you, now I have visited almost every one we have passed. I know that I didn’t touch anything. No one could convince me that I had to, in the way that you can. “But you hafta Mama. It’s soft, see. It tickles, heeeeeeeeee!”

You’re persuasive. And bossy. You’re funny. Although, you seem to think you’re funnier than you actually are, which does make you funnier, so work away with your cheesy grin and your fake laugh. You’re smart. And oh so lovable. Sometimes you run up to me, especially for a hug. And now and again you declare “I luff you Mama”. I’m saving these moments up for when you become a sullen teenager. At the rate time is flying by, well, that could be any minute.

You have taken to telling me when you’re sad and cross. And what to do to make you feel better. At the moment it’s usually “Sing a song and me feel better Mama.” If you’re hurt though, a kiss is all that will do. And if you’re tired? “Snuggles Mama.”

You’re getting tall now too. But now that you’re potty trained your little bum is too small to hold up your pants. You’re constantly hitching them up. I sometimes worry that you’ll end up with some kind of tick. So I have unearthed your 18m pants, although they sometimes require hitching up too. “I’m is biggered enough.” Yes you are. Too big.

But you’re still my baby. You always will be.


One Response to “Look at you”

  1. Heather July 26, 2011 at 12:38 am #

    Oh Martina, you’ve made me all teary! Congratulations on three years of motherhood… may the coming years just keep getting even more wonderful!

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