Soccer camp

28 Jul

I was super excited to learn that there was a soccer camp for ages 3 and up this summer. And it started this week, the week after the Turtle turned 3. So he could go! Now, this excitement was not because I dreamed of him becoming the next (insert famous soccer player of choice here). It was because he loves being outside with other kids and kicking balls. Or throwing them. Or sitting on them.So it was right up his alley, I thought.

Day 1: he had a 1 hour nap. Like an eejit I woke him up to go. He cried the entire time.

Day 2: no nap. Powered through on juice and jelly sweets (the ones that pretend they are fruit). He was super excited. “Us is going to play soccer ball!” But we got there 15 minutes early, and by the time the thing had started his attention had waned and he had kicked the ball as much as he was going to. My job for the next hour was to keep him out of the goal (where he was sitting, pretending to be a lion in a cage) so that the other kids could play.

Day 3: he went with Daddy. And apparently did nothing. Nothing to do with soccer anyway.

There are 5 more days left.

We’ll probably still go. It’s a good way to pass the evening while the Hubby works late. It’s in a park, so he can always play on the slide or something. But if he says he doesn’t want to go, we won’t.

A dislike of organised sport may be in his genes. Mine was passed down to me from my Father. It’s not the sports I don’t like, it’s peoples’ insistence on taking them so seriously. Take this camp, which is a bunch of little kids in oversized T-shirts learning how to kick a ball. None of them are older than 3. And you have the parents coaching them form the sidelines “The SIDE of your foot”, “NO hands on the ball” etc. As if their kids are going to go out tomorrow and win the World Cup single handedly.

If my fella kicks the ball once during the whole hour I’m happy enough. Although I think I must be annoying to the other parents too, because I don’t take it seriously enough. And I could care less if he spends the entire time sitting on the ball, trying to hatch it because it’s a dragon’s egg. I know that I don’t have the child who is going to stand quietly in line, waiting for his turn to kick the ball. Right now he won’t even stand in the line, but when he does he’ll be the one twirling in circles or singing or something. And that’s fine with me.

Surely having fun is the most important thing?  Why would he even want to kick the ball when the other kids who are doing it are just getting shouted at for doing it wrong??

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