3 Aug

I took my driving test on Friday. And passed! I am now fully licensed to drive by the state of California. The lunatics!

There was one hairy moment at the beginning of the test. One where the tester was roaring “STOP! STOP!”, but it wasn’t my fault. Not entirely. He mixed up his left and his right and, well there was a bit of confusion. Still, no one died. Ahem.

My problem areas are apparently traffic checks. I need to look at every intersection I come to. Even if I can see. I need to LOOK. Even if I have the right of way, am in the middle lane and can see that there is no one there. There is one street here where that would mean that I never actually look at the road I am driving on. Still.I asked the Hubby if he did this and he said “Yes, of course”. He doesn’t. I pointed out the street. He said “What? Here? No.” So rest assured, I am looking.

I can’t believe the freedom it brings. Yesterday we went to our usual church playgroup, yes, I drove the mile and a half. The Turtle refused to cycle. Anyway, when we got into the car afterwards I asked him what he wanted to do “Go to the park. Us can’t go to the beach. It’s too far.” We went to the beach. It was awesome.

I am going to be one of those people who can never find their keys, frets over whether the car is locked, and takes 3 years to load up the car. I was utterly perplexed in the supermarket car park, groceries loaded, small boy in cart. Do I put him in the car? Do I bring him with me to put the cart away, or just abandon the cart in the middle of the car park like everyone else? I brought him with me to leave it back, couldn’t be entirely sure that I wouldn’t hit it as I backed out. But how do people with more than one child manage? My mind is boggled. But, now that I can go by myself, well, I will.

Because I have FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Response to “Freedom”

  1. Heather August 3, 2011 at 5:58 pm #

    Wohoo!!! What an awesome feeling!! Soon you’ll find yourself driving places like the postbox on the corner and wondering how you ever managed to walk that quarter mile, lol!

    Totally hear you with the supermarket thing though. If I have more than one kid I plan to leave them with mum or drug them so they stay sleeping at home while I duck out on my own! 😉

    Look forward to hearing more about the places you can now visit and things you can do!

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