The flight

8 Aug

So, you know how I was a bit panicked? Well, more than a bit. It turns out I shouldn’t have worried. Sending my husband out at ten o clock at night to find a portable dvd player in L.A. when we discovered the one we had brought was broken, was overkill Don’t get me wrong, I was glad to have it, but hindsight now tells me I could have done without it.

We got to the airport early. More than 2 hours before the flight. Panic, you see. I visited the loo at least 3 times in the space of five minutes. Panic, you see. Then I insisted that we go straight through security. Panic, you see. They had to x-ray my backpack twice. As the man said, “It’s full of stuff.” Well, yes. Travelling by myself with a 3 year old. Panic, you see.

Once we found our gate, some of the panic dissipated. And we went for a wander. There wasn’t really anywhere to let a small boy roam free. There were, however landscaped areas with palm trees and whatnot. “I need to go in the jungle Mammy.” Explanations of why we couldn’t go in there fell on deaf ears when a small boy-sized opening was found. It was only luck that I caught him.

Time for a bribe. “Would you like some chocolate milk?” “Ooooh, chocolate milk. Yes.” So we found a cafe place. A cafe that didn’t serve chocolate milk. I told him and he said “But I need a apple, a nana and milk.” Wholesome looking guy in front of us pipes up “What good choices” as I look like a loon trying to force chocolate milk on a small boy who doesn’t want it. By the time he had taken a few bites out of his apple, made a ship out of the banana, and drank the milk, it was almost time to board the plane.

We did take advantage of the pre-boarding option. Just because people tend to get a bit antsy when you don’t board a plane as quickly as is humanly possible, for some reason. So we got settled in peace. He played with the seat belt, wile I sat hoping he wouldn’t figure out how to open it. I got out the lollipop for take off. He spotted it and had it chewed before the engines had even fired up.

He was kept occupied during the flight by a new ‘Big Barn Farm’ book. A tube of dinosaurs. And one of those magnetic sketch things. “My magic writer.” Usually it’s like pulling teeth trying to get him to draw anything, but he had great fun with that, scribbling away, asking me what he had drawn, correcting me and erasing it, to start all over again. About 2 hours into the flight it was coming up on naptime, so I brought him to the toilet, then sat him on my lap and sang him a song. He was out, then until we were about to begin our descent, when he woke up, needing the loo again. We couldn’t get up, so I put a nappy on him and told him he could use that. The nappy was dry when we got to the toilets in the airport!!!

Philadelphia is an awesome airport. We had just landed when there was a service announcement, listing all of the play areas in the airport. Happily, there was one on the way to our gate! We stopped first to get some food. A small boy said he needed some pasta and cheese. And that is what he had. Then an hour in the play area and it was time to head to our gate again. There was some protest, but not too much.

We had another ‘Big Barn Farm’ book to occupy us while they sorted out the plane (technical difficulties). And the “magic writer”. And snacks. The plane finally took off, an hour late. Once we got in the air, I broke out the dvd player. More because I was tired, than him. He watched bit of “The Little Engine that Could”, then it was time for dinner. “I don’t like plane food.” Fair enough. He wouldn’t even eat the cookie.

I turned the movie on again. And he watched it, quite happily, earphones and all until the lights went down for ‘rest time’. There wasn’t much protest when I said it was time to sleep “Us is going to sleep on the plane? Oh no! When is us going to see Granny?” And off he went to sleep. He was still sleeping when we landed. I had to wake him up to put on his jacket. I thought it would be cold. It wasn’t that bad.

The only problem we had, was when I stood at the wrong blooming luggage carousel. Of course our suitcase never came out. Over half an hour I stood there, before I looked up at the carousel number. I found the suitcase easily enough, sitting in the lost luggage area. And we were off!

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