The playdough badge

9 Dec

Two years after buying cream of tartar (yes, it made the move with us) I finally made my own playdough. Did I use the cream of tartar? No. I found a “recipe” that didn’t require cooking. And it was simple. Not to mention satisfying. Plus, we only made one colour (blue), so there will be no melt downs when the colours get all mixed up. Not only that, I feel less stressed now when he eats it (yes, at 3 and a half, he STILL eats the playdough – it stops me getting big-headed when people say he’s smart).

So, I made a monumental mess making playdough. He played with it for 20 minutes.

Parenting success!!!

Is there a badge?

There should be a badge.


One Response to “The playdough badge”

  1. buggalcrafts December 23, 2011 at 8:25 pm #

    Only the fond memories u will have – he won’t remember the homemade playdough!

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