Christmas crafting, the cookie cutter edition

23 Dec

I feel a bit guilty for the lack of crafting shennanigans with the Turtle this year. Other years there were all kinds of salt dough and foam and whatnot. This year, I can drive, so we haven’t been in the house. Freedom!!

Still, we have managed to do a few bits.

  • Christmas play dough – just like normal play dough, but make it yourself, so you feel virtuous. While you do that, let your toddler play with the glitter that you inadvertently left within reach. Use the play dough as a sponge to gather up the glitter. Ta da! Glittery play dough. Use Christmas-y cookie cutters. Delight a small boy.
  • Ginger bread cookies – because I have no idea what other kind of cookies you can cut. Decorate with blue icing (“I’m is a boy Momma”) and random sprinkles that have been living in the cupboard for more than a year and have some kind of Disney princess theme going on (shoes and crowns!?) because they don’t go off, right? Well, if they do, you have never heard of anyone dying from gone off sugar and food colouring. Consume as much of there as you are able. (As an aside, I made these exact same cookies last year. Same recipe. Everything. The Hubby would not touch them. This year, he eats them like they are going out of style. Apparently, “a year with no salt or sugar skews your tastebuds”.  Hmmmmmmmm!!!!)
  • And my favourite, cookie cutter printing. I can not do potato printing, or any other kind of vegetable printing for that matter. Nothing is recognisable and there is usually blood shed – mine – from foolery with the knife. Hand prints and foot prints turned into cute Santas/reindeer/Christmas trees are also beyond us – everything turns into a big brown  blob and there’s so much paint it seeps through the paper. I shout. The Turtle gets bewildered and runs away leaving a trail of brown paint behind him. Disaster. With cookie cutter printing, you pour out some paint (“Blue Momma, blue!”), they dip the cookie cutter into it and then stamp it on the paper. You can embellish it later and send it to Grandparents. They like that.

One Response to “Christmas crafting, the cookie cutter edition”

  1. buggalcrafts December 23, 2011 at 8:23 pm #

    To cute! U can make roll out suger cookies that are cut with cookie cutters. I’ll be sharing the family recipie soon on the CRAFTING BLOG I just started – in time for Valentine’s Day!!! My “kids” (neices, nephews, my son, and my grandchildren) make cookies from the time they are 1 1/2 to 2 until just they won’t help make them anymore! We start out with cookie presses.

    I will be sharing a lot of my Christmas crafts AFTER Christmas! A lot of them are do-able for kids too.

    Give my blog a look see! I’m new so any hints would be appreciated – like how to post more than one photo in a blog!!!

    Merry Christmas!

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