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23 Feb

Me: “I taught him how to put on his shoes today.”

Hubby: “He’s getting so big … he’ll be four soon.”

Me: “If we were in Ireland he’d be starting school in September.”

H: “I’m not ready for that.”

Thank goodness!

I’m not ready either.

Honestly, I think if we were in Ireland, I would be so ready. But we’re lucky enough to live in a place where it’s sunny 98% of the time. There are loads of things for us to do. And we’re members of almost everything, the zoo, aquariums, museums, state parks, everything. It’s cheaper than preschool 😉

Still, it’s awesome that we’re on the same page. About this and so many other parenting things. (Even if it is as I suspect and it’s merely a matter of me having strongly held opinions about things that he hasn’t thought about and him gamely jumping on board my crazy ship.)


So, the Turtle still comes into our bed at night. Almost every night. On the nights that he doesn’t, this is what happens:

Me, (around 5am) eyes pop open, something feels wrong. Whisper: “Where is he?”

H: “He must be still sleeping … Will I go and check if he’s ok?”

Me: “No, that’s ok.” (Phew, I’m not a weirdo for considering the very same thing!)


And the new addition? There is no question that s/he will be in our room for at least a year. And I won’t be the only one staring at a sleeping baby at ridiculous o’clock, watching them breathe.


Yep, I’m thankful. Thankful for the shared madness.

Dum de dum…

11 Feb

Attic 24’s teeny tiny flowers

And her teeny tiny hearts.

And some stars from A Foothill Home Companion.

Now adorning my craft room wall. The effort to inject colour continues. And is bringing me great joy.

I think I need to make more. Maybe birds and butterflies and um….

Just need to wait for Walmart to get in some more canvases!!

(The canvases are 8x 10, and I realise now that I should have taken a picture to show scale. They really are teeny tiny, and lovely!)

Colour me inspired!

8 Feb

I love Lucy over on Attic 24. I want her to adopt me, so that I can live in her lovely attic and drown in all of the lovely colouredyness. (Lovely, lovely, lovely!)

Our house is a bit bland. I’m slowly trying to inject some colour. I figure the craft room is a good place to start. If I like being in there, maybe I’ll keep it a bit tidier. Or something. At the moment every time I go in there I leave it looking as though a tornado has hit it. If I prettify it, maybe I’ll keep it tidy. That is the theory.

Down to business. Look. Look. Look.

Colourful storage jars. One for knitting needles, one for crochet hooks and one still empty for the moment. ♥♥♥

And for the wall:

Lucy’s teeny tiny flowers. On canvas, naturally. The vase is simply cut out of a fat quarter and glued on (spray adhesive is awesome!) Happy, happy, joy, joy. I have a few more flowers that may or may not adorn a suitable twig/branch in the not too distant future. I just can’t decide if I can pull off twigs. We’ll see.

Finally finished!

7 Feb

I have been working on these projects for what seems like years. It has, however, only been months.What can I say? I’m easily distracted.

I decided I didn’t like that shade of yellow when I already had one of the squares done. And I couldn’t back out. I do like the purple and green though. I just wish the yellow had a bit more “oomph”. Still, it’ll hardly matter when it’s covered in baby poop and puke 😉

And look at the back:

Styling green jersey! Plenty of “oomph”!! Here’s the pattern. Choose your colours carefully!

And then there’s this:

Cute! And currently adorning my craft room wall. This is the reason why I started embroidering canvases. The fabric is too light. And a complete pain to work with. So it was abandoned. For a while. But the “I started so I’ll finish” mentality kicked in. That and the fact that my craft room is a bit dreary. Colour is the thing!

More colour coming soon!

“Laundry” joy!

7 Feb

My laundry room is a dreary, dreary place. It was probably white once. Now, cream is a kind word for it. No windows. Clothes in varying states of cleanliness. And no matter how hard I try all of the random detritus from around the house somehow ends up on there.

There’s not much I can do with the colour/decor (we rent). And I have reorganised it to death to no avail. So time for some cheery craftiness!

Yes, my addiction to embroidering canvases continues. But this is the first one I designed myself super proud! And it may just highlight the creaminess of the walls in there, but it makes me smile.  Can you see the silver lining on the cloud? And the lost sock? Happy happy joy joy.

Right. I have more canvases. I’m off! 🙂

Some gems

5 Feb

Out of nowhere:

“I’m is going to have to share my toys with the baby … mainly my baby toys. And us is going to bring the baby to the shops and to the place with the flower on the top (the children’s museum) and I’m is going to show the baby all the things.”


He had a bit of a cough.

Me: “How are you feeling?”

T: “I’m is fine. You is give me milk and that is make me feel better….” (To the Hubby) “You is give me kisses and that is make my heart feel better … it’s make my heart grow bigger and bigger like this” (waves hands around wildly).


Shoves bacon in my face.

“Here, eat this. The baby needs bacon.”


“I’m is wanting to hear the baby.”

I dutifully lie down. He puts his head to my belly for a second, hops up and hands me a book.

“Read this to the baby …. and me.”


“Would you like a brother or a sister?”

“Um, no. Just a baby.”


P.S. I’m pregnant. Baby turtle is due mid June. There’s a fair bit of excitement.

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