23 Feb

Me: “I taught him how to put on his shoes today.”

Hubby: “He’s getting so big … he’ll be four soon.”

Me: “If we were in Ireland he’d be starting school in September.”

H: “I’m not ready for that.”

Thank goodness!

I’m not ready either.

Honestly, I think if we were in Ireland, I would be so ready. But we’re lucky enough to live in a place where it’s sunny 98% of the time. There are loads of things for us to do. And we’re members of almost everything, the zoo, aquariums, museums, state parks, everything. It’s cheaper than preschool 😉

Still, it’s awesome that we’re on the same page. About this and so many other parenting things. (Even if it is as I suspect and it’s merely a matter of me having strongly held opinions about things that he hasn’t thought about and him gamely jumping on board my crazy ship.)


So, the Turtle still comes into our bed at night. Almost every night. On the nights that he doesn’t, this is what happens:

Me, (around 5am) eyes pop open, something feels wrong. Whisper: “Where is he?”

H: “He must be still sleeping … Will I go and check if he’s ok?”

Me: “No, that’s ok.” (Phew, I’m not a weirdo for considering the very same thing!)


And the new addition? There is no question that s/he will be in our room for at least a year. And I won’t be the only one staring at a sleeping baby at ridiculous o’clock, watching them breathe.


Yep, I’m thankful. Thankful for the shared madness.


One Response to “Thankful”

  1. buggalcraftsbuggalcrafts February 24, 2012 at 7:08 am #

    I believe in a family bed too. And yes, spent much time staring at the first one sleeping. By the time the second one (a granddaughter from my older stepdaughter) landed in our lives we were so glad she was sleeping that we didn’t waste time staring at her (ok, just a little) – we went to sleep too!

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