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The Baby-Led Life

10 Aug

What with Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) and Baby-Led Potty Training (BLPT), we are leading what could be called the “Baby-Led Life”. Now that the little turle is on the verge of walking, we really are bieing baby-led! By the hand, everywhere we go.  There’s no point deluding myself. We are the ones being led.

Going at a snail’s pace means you have time to look at every little piece of debris in your path, every blade of grass, everything has to be examined. The alternative is speeding along with a crying, twenty-something pound child strapped to your hip, struggling to escape.

So, we never get anywhere on time (not that we did anyway, but now we really dont!), but we all get there happy! That is the baby-led way – slowly, surely and everyone arrives at their destination happy!Baby-led

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