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Mini Pinterest addict

24 Mar

I, like a lot of people I know, seem to have become addicted to Pinterest. What can I say? Pretty pictures are pretty.
The Turtle seems to have become a bit addicted too though. He crawls up beside me and says “We need to make this and this and this. Please Mammy. Please.” He has a good eye that boy. That’s how I ended up making these:

The bear, of course is “Captain Barnacles”, he of Octonauts fame. Slightly adapted from this pattern.

And the yellow fella is a Sneetch. The Sneetches is a wonderful book by Dr. Seuss. Here’s the pattern so you can make it yourself. You know you want to!

Dum de dum…

11 Feb

Attic 24’s teeny tiny flowers

And her teeny tiny hearts.

And some stars from A Foothill Home Companion.

Now adorning my craft room wall. The effort to inject colour continues. And is bringing me great joy.

I think I need to make more. Maybe birds and butterflies and um….

Just need to wait for Walmart to get in some more canvases!!

(The canvases are 8x 10, and I realise now that I should have taken a picture to show scale. They really are teeny tiny, and lovely!)

Colour me inspired!

8 Feb

I love Lucy over on Attic 24. I want her to adopt me, so that I can live in her lovely attic and drown in all of the lovely colouredyness. (Lovely, lovely, lovely!)

Our house is a bit bland. I’m slowly trying to inject some colour. I figure the craft room is a good place to start. If I like being in there, maybe I’ll keep it a bit tidier. Or something. At the moment every time I go in there I leave it looking as though a tornado has hit it. If I prettify it, maybe I’ll keep it tidy. That is the theory.

Down to business. Look. Look. Look.

Colourful storage jars. One for knitting needles, one for crochet hooks and one still empty for the moment. ♥♥♥

And for the wall:

Lucy’s teeny tiny flowers. On canvas, naturally. The vase is simply cut out of a fat quarter and glued on (spray adhesive is awesome!) Happy, happy, joy, joy. I have a few more flowers that may or may not adorn a suitable twig/branch in the not too distant future. I just can’t decide if I can pull off twigs. We’ll see.

Finally finished!

7 Feb

I have been working on these projects for what seems like years. It has, however, only been months.What can I say? I’m easily distracted.

I decided I didn’t like that shade of yellow when I already had one of the squares done. And I couldn’t back out. I do like the purple and green though. I just wish the yellow had a bit more “oomph”. Still, it’ll hardly matter when it’s covered in baby poop and puke 😉

And look at the back:

Styling green jersey! Plenty of “oomph”!! Here’s the pattern. Choose your colours carefully!

And then there’s this:

Cute! And currently adorning my craft room wall. This is the reason why I started embroidering canvases. The fabric is too light. And a complete pain to work with. So it was abandoned. For a while. But the “I started so I’ll finish” mentality kicked in. That and the fact that my craft room is a bit dreary. Colour is the thing!

More colour coming soon!

A Handmade Christmas

31 Dec

I love making things. I do. What I love even more is when you have not just an idea of what to make, but also someone you can give it to.  There’s nothing worse than spending hours slaving over something only to get a halfhearted thanks and have said item disappear forever into the abyss of unwanted gifts. So choosing what to make and who to make it for is a stumbling block in and of itself.

This year I decided to make presents for my Mother and sister (yes, the males in my family were almost completely neglected, but I honestly can’t think of presents I can make (easily) for a grown man. I just can’t).

For Mam I decided to make a cardigan. Well, I decided to make it for myself, then a few rows in I thought it would suit her better, so the rest of it was made with the intention of giving it to her. (Maybe that’s what I need to do, start making things, then decide who to give them to after I have started, hmmm).

When I tried it on, the Turtle said “I like your nice jumper Mama. You is look like Granny.” So perhaps I was right in thinking it was more her style than mine. It’s always nice to have these things confirmed by a three year old though 😉

The good news is that it fits! The sleeves are the right length. Not only that, they are (likely) of equal length too (unless Mam has one arm shorter than the other). So the gauge was ok and my confusion/frustration with the measuring tape was unwarranted. Whoop! I even blocked it. Not a normal occurrence in this house. And no mean feat. The en suite is full of carpet and the guest bathroom is too small. Add in someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing, and well, I’m lucky I didn’t flood the house or something. That’s the good thing about making things for other people, you go the extra mile and finish it according to the instructions, rather than throwing your hands in the air at the final step and saying “Sure, it’ll do!” and living forever with that wonky bit that drives you crazy!

The other good thing is that she loves it. There was a lot more enthusiasm for it than the usual shop bought tat that I usually send. She even  modeled it for me (webcam) and there was talk of handwashing it! (Unheard of in our house!) So I know she likes it!

For my sister I made a bag, from some jeans. Apparently this caused some confusion and she attempted to try them on?!? And a cowl/scarf. More confusion. She thought it was a shawl. To be fair, I think I cast on too many stitches, but not THAT many.

Still, it apparently caused a great deal of hilarity. So that’s something.

And so that the men weren’t entirely left out, I sent my sister’s step son this hat

I actually made it for the Turtle, but he already has a hat with earflaps – a $5 nasty acrylic Cookie Monster one – so he apparently doesn’t need any more. And well, it’s not cold enough for woolly hats here. But I defy you to look at this hat for more than five minutes without your hands starting to itch with the desire to make it. Go on. Make it! I need to find more people I can make it for.

What did you make?

Sofa deliciousness

12 Oct

I made new cushion covers for the sofa. I wish they were as colourful as those above.  How cool would that be? The Hubby would have a heart attack though. Still, I am slowly overcoming the preponderance of brown and navy that he, as a single man thought was the epitome of good taste. He is slowly coming around to the stripey/flowery colourfulness that I seem to be attracted to.

Most random thing on a Christmas tree

16 Dec

You can buy an awful lot of random things to put on your tree over here. Cartoon characters, sports team paraphernalia, just pure randomness. It doesn’t sit well with me, and I try to avoid them if I can. Having said that, the combined pester power of the Hubby and the Turtle has led to us having an Elmo and a Crush (turtle from Nemo) on the tree. Still though, I try to only have traditional things on the tree, baubles, bells, stars, snowmen, Santa, stockings etc.

And yet . . . I think I can win the prize for the most random thing on a Christmas tree. Ever. Pretty, isn’t it? But what is it?









It’s a Japanese scrubby thing. For in the bath. Called a “tawashi”.

And how did that happen? Well, I was on Ravelry and I searched for Christmas ornaments to make. And my friend the tawashi came up. And I thought “Ooh, pretty” and put it in my queue. It wasn’t until I had finished making it that I looked at the page properly and went “Huh?” But it’s pretty and it’s staying up there. I may even make some more 😉


A busy Christmas

25 Dec

I’ve been busier this year than any other. Making things! Me! And most of them didn’t turn out too badly. They’re all hanging up. Proudly. And so they must be shared.

Christmas is coming!!!!!

8 Dec

And I’m ridiculously excited. The lights are up outside – with some swearing and mad dashes to Lowes and Walmart by the hubby. He said I was the only person he would run all over town looking for lights for (being complete amateurs, we didn’t know how many we’d need, or even how to hang them up).  Sweet, isn’t he? Not so sweet was the look of abject horror when I reminded him he’d be doing this every year from now until forever. Oh well. I’m sure there’ll be fewer mad dashes next year. Mwahahahaha.

The tree and the crib will go up today. So that means I have today (the few minutes himself naps for!!) to make a tree skirt, stockings for us all and finish the decorations I’ve started, along with a few more or things will be miserable indeed. How and ever, I shall struggle on. The only real major thing that has to be done, I think, is the tree skirt. That way the tree can be lashed to the table securely but  still look nice. We’re hoping that if it’s up on an end table it won’t come to too much harm. We’ll see. Having bought an ornament that looks like a turtle and another that looks like Elmo, I’m not sure this theory will hold up.

Now, for some of the things I’ve been slaving away over

(Clicking on the individual pictures will take you to the sites of the wonderful people who designed the ornaments.)

There are plans afoot to make some salt dough ornaments too. And maybe some of these. As well as a kit yoke full of ornaments I bought the other day on impulse.

Now, I’m off, there’s work to be done! If I can stop crocheting those stars……….

Friday Five

13 Nov

God, but I’ve been a moany old so and so lately. I annoy myself sometimes. So, in an effort to be a bit more upbeat, I have scoured the house to find things I’m happy about.

  • Christmas crochetMy happy little Christmas decorations. Just a couple of snowmen to put together and the consignment for my family will be done! Then I’ll have a week to get some done for the hubby’s family. Ideally, I would like to give them to them at Thanksgiving.  But I keep getting distracted by thoughts of salt dough and felt decorations I can might be able to make.Wedding pics
  • The wedding pictures I finally got around to hanging. They are half way up the stairs and make me smile every time I see them. I would like to have an entire wall of pictures, wherever we happen to be, of all of our family milestones. A “Family story” wall. Of course I’m already a bit behind on this. Oops. Books
  • My little pile of “birthday books”. Hopefully I’ll get to read them before my next one! 🙂Ribbons and things
  • Ribbons! For embellishing the hats on my snowmen. And also for another little project I’m brewing. Secretly, in case it doesn’t work.October 004
  • And these two. There isn’t a day that goes by that they don’t make me smile.
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