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Meatless Monday

21 Mar

We I have decided to institute one meat free day a week. I recently bought this book

and I love it. It’s so shiny and colourful. And inspirational, obviously. It’s not a “vegetarian” book. There are meat and fish recipes in it. As well as vegetarian ones. I love meat too much to go “all out”. But I think we (as a family) eat too much meat. This was especially true when Mam was here. She’s rather picky. To say the least. Red meat all the way with her. And potatoes galore. She did try quinoa though, so that was a start. I suppose.

So after gorging ourselves on red meat for the past three weeks, it’s time for a change. Seeing as it has been raining most of the day I couldn’t really try any of the things in this book (housebound, so no shopping). But I do have lentils. So “lentil bolognese” it shall be. And probably a burger later for the Hubby, because if you don’t eat meat, you haven’t eaten. Note: he hasn’t actually said this, he just looked beleaguered, as if he was thinking “Good Lord what is she going to feed me now??” Usually he eats whatever concoctions I put in front of him without complaining good grace. I can only tell he doesn’t like something when he doesn’t go for seconds!

Nonetheless, this is an “experiment” that I intend to be ongoing. Whether I receive complaints or not. I have found this site too so I shan’t be lacking inspiration 😀


Meal Plan

18 Jul

Mummy Mad over at the Madhouse shared her meal plan this week. It made me think I should too – to encourage you. Because I’m a bit stuck. I have been trying incorporate at least one new recipe a week, after complaints that I cook “nothing but potatoes and curry”. “Humph!” she says, vaguely aware of a tinge of truth in that accusation. I love curry! And, when faced with the task of preparing proper, grown up meals, I struggle when potatoes are not involved. That was what my mother cooked. It wasn’t dinner if there were no potatoes.

So I got some cookbooks. I have a Chinese one, a stirfry one, a pasta one and a crockpot one. And there are some winners in there. Lemon chicken, for example. Still though, usually I only have 90% of the ingredients. The other 10% make me scratch my head. Even when I put them on the list I can’t always find them. Or I forget all about them and don’t even see them on the list when I am at the shop. Our local supermarket confuses me. It’s like being in a foreign country – yes I am aware that I live in a foreign country, but this is like a “proper” foreign country. The majority of signs and packages are in both Spanish and English. There are any number of things I can’t identify and others I wish I knew what to do with (Cactus, anyone?). So the supermarket makes me confused.

On top of that, now that the hubby is working shifts I have to factor in things that are quick (when he’s working nights), look appetizing and don’t go weird when reheated (odd personal vanity – don’t want people thinking I cook slop).

Then there’s the Turtle, who won’t really eat anything sloppy or stew-like, is hit and miss with everything else and only really thanks me for plain rice or pasta with cheese.

So here’s last week’s plan:

Friday: Chicken stirfry with rice

Saturday: Sausage and pasta

Sunday: Gyoza (Japanese style wontons)

Monday: Crockpot chicken, green peppers and onions with egg noodles

Tuesday: Spaghetti bolognese

Wednesday: Sesame chicken and leek with rice

Thursday: Pork satay

Friday: Sushi (out)

This week, well, I haven’t even thought about it yet. I’ll have to sit down with my cookery books and have a good peruse. Unless you come up trumps?

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