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Hello twelve year old me…

23 Oct

Do you know, that when I entered secondary school I was very skeptical of even the idea of Home Economics. I would have nothing to do with it. I thought it was a way for the Nuns to keep the girls in their place. Cooking, cleaning and dressmaking. Quite obviously a conspiracy. I knew what I knew when I was 12 and there was no point in talking to me. I knew I wouldn’t get married. I suspected I wouldn’t have kids of my own but that I would adopt (one from every continent, long before Angelina made it hip). And  I knew I would never, ever, ever need or want to sew (or cook or clean, but I was right on those ones).

Hello twelve year old me! It’s 2010 and you have just spent the past two days sewing! For fun! And part of you wishes you had taken Home Ec. now. I sincerely doubt Mrs. Lawless would have let you get away with the kind of tomfoolery (and swearing) you have been at! And she’d have clued you in on the basics before letting you go off half cocked. Your seams would match. And be straight.

Still, not to worry. You’re having fun. And you can tell the people who look too closely “That’s what I was aiming for!”

Not only that, you’ve taken up cross-stitching and are making some kind of mad Christmas picture with cutesy snowmen and beads and whatnot.

You’re also obsessed with freezer-paper stenciling. Because it is awesome!

You’re crocheting and knitting again too.

It’s just a matter of finessing your technique. I don’t suppose I could convince you to take up this crafting mallarkey a bit earlier??

Freezer paper madness

21 Mar

I am completely and totally addicted. I can’t help myself.

And there’s another one drying as I speak. Not to mention all of the ones rolling around in my head: trains, giraffes, ducks, cars, the list is endless.

But when you see them in action

…who can blame me?

Funky monkey

11 Mar

I love how this one turned out. Love it. It makes picking the daft looking pocket off the shirt worth it. And kind of makes up for the fact that the red paint on his St Patrick’s Day shirt turned out a bit gammy. Perhaps I am too much of a perfectionist for this stenciling malarkey. Right, off to do some more!

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