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Another meal plan

29 Jul

I didn’t do one at all last week. And if you pressed me I wouldn’t be able to tell you what we ate. Chicken, probably. Curry, likely. Other than that, not a clue.

Must do better.

I had notions of telling you how we got on with the new recipes we had tried. But I have kind of forgotten. Here’s what I remember:

Friday: Chicken stirfry with rice – no idea. None.

Saturday: Sausage and pasta – God but I’m sick of this. I’m not going near another sausage again. I feel like I’m always eating this. I can’t be though, can I? I know I didn’t eat it last week. The Turtle didn’t either.

Sunday: Gyoza (Japanese style wontons) – According to the Hubby “the best thing you make”, thanks for that! It takes ages though. My folding skills are under par.

Monday: Crockpot chicken, green peppers and onions with egg noodles – tasted good but it was awfully greasy. The Turtle would have nothing to do with it. Nothing.

Tuesday: Spaghetti bolognese – a firm favourite with the boys. I’m not really a fan.

Wednesday: Sesame chicken and leek with rice – deliciousness.

Thursday: Pork satay – I had the wrong kind of curry paste. I sent the hubby to the shop with the Turtle and received a panicked call “Where is it? The Turtle is crying. He wants birthday cake. There are no staff in the shop” … hrrmmm. I sent him to a different shop by himself later that evening. He found it. But apparently it was an unreasonable thing to request from the shop. Delicious, nonetheless. And now that we have all the ingredients, making it will be easier for all concerned. Especially me.

Ok, on to this “week’s” plan. It’s not really a week. I have planned as far as the Hubby’s next four day break. Humph!

Wednesday: Tri-tip (so, so good. And easy, if a little expensive).

Thursday: Moroccan fish a la Jamie Oliver (I got his Food Revolution book for myself out of a gift token from the ILs. Liking it so far.)

Friday: Lemon chicken (love it)

Saturday:Spaghetti bolognese (a winner with the other two)

Sunday: Gyoza (the Hubby will be here to wrangle while I practice putting these together with ever increasing speed! Hahahaha. They are good though, and cheap to make. Yum!)

Monday: Lasagne (Hubby loves it. Every time I make it the white sauce turns out like wallpaper paste. Not this time though. Ahem.)

Tuesday: Salmon and green beans (I noticed we eat a lot of meat. Then again, wandering around the supermarkets here you would never think we were on the edge of the ocean or that the oceans were being fished dry.)

Wednesday: Chili (because I like it and we haven’t eaten enough minced meat this week! Although I can’t find red chilis anywhere. What’s with that?)

Thursday: Pork and noodles

And that’s it. Subject to change due to the whims and temperamentality (No I don’t care that this is not a word!) of  the chef.

Anyone for pizza? They deliver . . .

Meal Plan

18 Jul

Mummy Mad over at the Madhouse shared her meal plan this week. It made me think I should too – to encourage you. Because I’m a bit stuck. I have been trying incorporate at least one new recipe a week, after complaints that I cook “nothing but potatoes and curry”. “Humph!” she says, vaguely aware of a tinge of truth in that accusation. I love curry! And, when faced with the task of preparing proper, grown up meals, I struggle when potatoes are not involved. That was what my mother cooked. It wasn’t dinner if there were no potatoes.

So I got some cookbooks. I have a Chinese one, a stirfry one, a pasta one and a crockpot one. And there are some winners in there. Lemon chicken, for example. Still though, usually I only have 90% of the ingredients. The other 10% make me scratch my head. Even when I put them on the list I can’t always find them. Or I forget all about them and don’t even see them on the list when I am at the shop. Our local supermarket confuses me. It’s like being in a foreign country – yes I am aware that I live in a foreign country, but this is like a “proper” foreign country. The majority of signs and packages are in both Spanish and English. There are any number of things I can’t identify and others I wish I knew what to do with (Cactus, anyone?). So the supermarket makes me confused.

On top of that, now that the hubby is working shifts I have to factor in things that are quick (when he’s working nights), look appetizing and don’t go weird when reheated (odd personal vanity – don’t want people thinking I cook slop).

Then there’s the Turtle, who won’t really eat anything sloppy or stew-like, is hit and miss with everything else and only really thanks me for plain rice or pasta with cheese.

So here’s last week’s plan:

Friday: Chicken stirfry with rice

Saturday: Sausage and pasta

Sunday: Gyoza (Japanese style wontons)

Monday: Crockpot chicken, green peppers and onions with egg noodles

Tuesday: Spaghetti bolognese

Wednesday: Sesame chicken and leek with rice

Thursday: Pork satay

Friday: Sushi (out)

This week, well, I haven’t even thought about it yet. I’ll have to sit down with my cookery books and have a good peruse. Unless you come up trumps?

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