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“Wow Mammy! Did you make it? I love it!”

9 Oct

A long, long time ago, I stumbled across this, the prettiest of quilts. And I thought “I could do that.” Then I re-evaluated my sewing skills, and came to my senses. Still, a small nugget of inspiration planted itself inside my brain. Then a couple of kite festivals came along, and “Woohoo! Kites! I can do a kite quilt”. Kites made out of old t-shirts. Awesomeness. But I didn’t want to buy any more fabric. I have, perhaps, a slight addiction to buying fabric, combined with a failure to actually use any of it. So, I picked out a blue jersey fabric (for the sky), then decided to stencil some clouds on it. As you do. There’s nothing like making work for yourself.

I measured the fabric, more or less, used one of the toddler bed sheets as a “template”. The problem was, it took me so long to make it that he had already moved into a bigger bed. So it’s not wide enough. Oh well.

The most frustrating thing was binding it. I had never bound anything before, so I may not have went about it quite right. I had to do it by hand because of a distinct lack of skill. It took aaaaaaages. And almost drove me to drink and despair.

Applique wasn’t exactly a picnic either.

But when he saw it? He said “Wow Mammy! Did you make it? I love it”

I don’t know if I’ll ever do it again.


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