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Two firsts

24 Jul

This week we had two firsts: the first trip to the cinema, and the first trip to the theater.

On Monday we saw the new Winnie the Pooh  movie. 102 minutes, it was just the right length. Especially when a small boy is occupied with a bucket of popcorn. Mmm, buttery, salty goodness. His eyes barely wandered from the screen throughout. Of course he is going to be one of those people who talks during movies. Because that is just who he is. A talker. What can I say?  I too have wonderfully witty and insightful things to say during movies. It drives the Hubby a bit mad. But now he’s outnumbered. We’re just going to talk to him during movies. The Turtle may have to learn how to whisper though. Soon-ish.

He seemed to enjoy it. I thought it wasn’t bad, although for the life of me I cannot remember what it was about. I think Eyore sang a song about his “Derriere.” Hmm, something to do with a lost tail? An hour and a half of my life, lost forever. Still, it got us out of the house. And now we know he’ll sit for an entire movie. Always good to know. Maybe someday there’ll be a kids movie worth seeing. And we’ll be able to watch it in its entirety.

And at the theatre? We saw Seussical: the Musical. Almost in its entirety. Service was interrupted for a bathroom break. But he loved it. I watched the first hour or so through the light in his eye. He was mesmerised. The lights, the costumes, the music. I expect that there will be more musicals in our future. A fair number of them.

And he got to meet The Cat in the Hat. He was starstruck, but still able to tell him how great he thought he was. The first time he has ever spoken to someone in a costume. He loves The Cat. Adores him. Even more so now that he has met him.

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